Japan Considers PreEmptive Strike on N Korea

The people of Japan,
c/o The Prime Minister:
Rt. Hon. Junichiro Koizumi

It is the official opinion of of our group that a conglomeration of Japanese/Korean industry (ie Mitsubishi - Hyundai - Honda, etc) should undertake immediate construction of a Mecha-Godzilla in the name of World Peace.
As two generations of the Earth’s population are aware, Godzilla is the Official Protector of Nippon and even isolated, half-crazed demagogues like Kim Il Sung would fear Mecha-Godzilla wading ashore, burning the villages with it’s breath and picking it’s teeth with his bones.
Should he not fear, a demonstration could be arranged. There would be no reprisals as everyone knows you don’t mess with Godzilla.
To reduce harassment and further increase respect of Japanese technical abilities, a fleet of Stealth Mothras could accompany the Mecha-Godzilla to provide air cover.

the undersigned:

Godzilla will kick Jong-il’s crazy butt.  Mothra rulez :smiley:

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