Jack Layton passes away at 61

Cancer claimed Jack Layton on Monday morning, his family releasing a statement advising that Mr. Layton passed away peacefully at home in the early hours of Monday morning.

His passion for politics and spirit of his personality will be missed not only on Parliament Hill but across Canada.

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Rest in peace, Mr. Layton.

It is a sad day in Canada with the passing of such a dedicated man , a man who believed in every walk of life . He took The NDP to great heights through is believing in the party and his country . Rest in Peace Jack you earned your peace.

Canada has lost a great man, no matter of one’s political view, RIP Jack Layton.

Jack Layton’s letter to Canadians, dated August 20

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Its nice to hear that Mr. Jack Layton will be having A State Funeral , which I believe he rightfully deserves .

As most of us are not able to attend a vigil tonight to honour Jack, please turn on your porch light and leave it on all night to show your respect and support to his family at this most difficult time.

If you are on Facebook, follow the link under Events: Porch Lights On for Jack Layton

Today 9:00pm at on your front step
There is a vigil happening tonight on Parliament Hill but there are so many of us across the country (and world)… who will not be able to attend. Tonight at 9, put your porch light on for Jack and keep in on all night. Lets show everyone what a light he was in both public and private life! P.S. I’d love people to share their photos of their lights on on the event wall. I will be doing an interview about this event on CBC Radio tonight. Note: I have set up a Facebook group so that we can continue the discussion past tonight and find ways to pick up Jack’s torch and carry it on. Please join us! facebook.com/groups/223162824398220/

A great Canadian. Rest easy.

Awesome, i have several bright lights i will leave on all night. Great man…sad to hear.

Second day and still feeling sad about this loss, there are very few people in any party that are actually sincere and real, Jack was in all aspects of his work in it to make a difference in the lives of average working and poor canadians… Bringing the NDP where it is today something I am so grateful for. Rest in peace…