Is there a way to import Limewire songs to Itunes all at once  Not transfering each song one by one  ???

select them all in the limewire folder, and drag them to itunes library.

hmmm not getting it

select the songs you want from the folder, keep it open, then open itunes  but the side by side and dragg them its like dragging files/pictures from folders to desktop to folders.

press shift while youre clicking the songs

I get this message    The file LIMEWIRE.exe cannot be imported because it does not appear to be a valid exported file    Now what lol ???

No dude, you need to import the song files, which are probably in “my documents” and in a folder called “shared” or something in there somewhere.

Grab that folder (the “shared”) and drag it to the iTunes “library”

You would think he would be smart enough to dragg all the tunes / MP3 files not the exe files.

Oh well, you can lead that horse to the water, but ya can’t force him to drink it.

I just have documents  Vista you know and I go there and nothing about Limewire there

Sorry sorry sorry I found it in shared sorry lol

Thank you one and all I got it I finally drank the water lol

Hmmm go to advance in Itunes scroll down to consolidate library click consolidate and all done  Gee I thinlk I just drank the whole lake    thanks again everyone  real simply now

Don’t drink whole lake, you will get sick :smile:

Does anybody use anything other than iTunes to sync with iPods? I have 80 gigs on iTunes now, and it’s getting slower.