Itunes Store and Movies

I’ve searched high and low for the answer to this question. I asked on the Apple forum and no luck, I searched manuals I checked websites still with no luck.
Alas, I’m hear to find out the answer!

I receieved the Fifth Generation iPod for christmas, (iPod video) and I’m really interested in buy movies, and Television shows for it. However when I open the Itunes store there is no link for Movies, In order I see:
Music Videos
Audio books
iPod games
Pixar short movies

I asked my aunt last night if when she went into iTunes she saw a movies link and she did, which means the help that one of the forumers on the Apple site was wrong, she said that movies are only available in the States.

Do I have to download itunes 7.0.2?
Or am I just not able to download movies?

Help would be greatly appreciated.

You could just download the movies for free off of a torrent site.

I don’t know if you’d have to change the format or anything once they are downloaded, but I do know sites carry tv and video torrents.

there are tv shows and movies on the American itunes store but not on Canadian yet