It's time for the Safety Dance!

Time for the Safety Dance!

What’s with the jester guy?

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According to Wikipedia, the jester in the video was Jaba The Hutt’s tail_section in Return of the Jedi.

Small world.  Of completely useless music and trivia.


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I also liked Pop Goes The World.

What’s the code to actually have the video show up on the page?

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Im trying to find a video of this its the best … =849936343
Jay doing buffalo Bill … 1248686727
abit longer ^

This is the only one I could find… but the sound doesn’t seem to work for some people.

Great video clip, MiG. :smiley:  I like that song, weird, but, good.

Speaking of safety check out what may be keeping our boarders safe one day. … s_200k.php