Its that time again!

everyone post a screenshot of your desktop!

my work desktop:

I’ll post my home desktop later this evening… when I’m home.

the work desk:

ill post mine too when i get home. Dual monitors hope there is room on this screen : O )

The way I’m holding that balloon makes me look extremely odd. Which I definitely am not.

That headband is sweet.

Home screenshot. Dual-monitor G5.

um, wtf?

Who is the scary dude who’s face is on all the avatar? And why did everyone change avatar to the same thing?

hoshq how did you do that? What did you fiddle with?

I think it was a photo of Mig.

Another screenshot. This one shows quicksilver in action.

What was?

I look like this:

But without the hair. And the uniform. But the eyes are right.

hoshq, what’s with the mommy-save at the bottom of your screenshot?

like seriously, I thought you didn’t like the dock?

I think it’s because pink looks so good on me.

the dock is unavoidable. and actually, in 10 i like it, it’s with the classic applications i’m forced to use at work where it’s an issue.

Oh, but what’s with the mommy-save? Seriously. That’s something your mother would do, put all the programs in the dock. Reminds me of those windows users with their desktops full of icons.

Phew! It’s a good thing I didn’t post a picture of my desktop yet. I guess I am going to clean it up and streamline the dock to meet the cool desktop standard.