It's all comming to and end I tell you

First we thought it was flat…then we found it was round and full of matter we thought was hard…now we find the earth to be hollow…What next???how many truths are really flat anyways???What do you know???Believe???feel???Now…What’s going on for real anyways???is a rock a rock or is that all I have in my head??? :smiling_imp:


Stop thinking about it, and just live.

There is more to life then life… :smiling_imp:

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Word’s words are stupid words.

Words do go extremem at a certain point. Espcially when it hurts someone so bad that they have to do something drastic.

Some little red head that works in Stardust has some very harsh words.
And it all comes back, 2X

Take this language and abuse it, make it say what YOU want it to say…Stop letting it use YOU every day… :imp:

Yes words can hurt…

Words can also heal…

They can also make one submit on thier knees…

Spoken right they can make one freeze…

Shiver and shake, a few is all it takes…

little rehead
submitting on her knees…

and I have to go to work on a server today with that on my mind? you assholes!!!
:laughing: :laughing:

Just woke up , are we still doing Rudi Kelly and the Pope?

Who now?

What you be talking about? We are born, it’s a whole bunch of drama from then on, in the middle of trying to stay sane and half-intelligent, then you get a job, pay taxes, get married, have kids, and die.

Yes, my body does that…live survive die…like a circle of events continueing on and on in the way that I choose…I don’t like being the passenger on this ride, I like to take the reigns!!!Live free or just live…

Freedom isn’t free.

No, it’s more of a “buy one, get one free” deal.

What about events that happen even if you didn’t choose them? I didn’t choose to be running from grenades,and snipers on top of bulidings at six years old. It’s actually quite simple. All people are passengers, and fate take reigns into its own hands.

The ride is already taken care of but if you steer in the right direction all can go well, you may come to a detour but that may be also just a test. The Big Guy knows how it will all turn out in the end. Whatever way it goes it has already been determined…Sorry about the news. hehehehe…

I’d say that makes sense. :wink:

Next Nina will explane the meaning of life backwards in coration for all to hear. :smiley:

Explain the meaning of life in Croatian? No one would understand what the hell I am talking about…he he. Love knowing another language.

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