IT Crowd Season 2

The new season of IT Crowd has started!  In the usual torrent places!

First episode is hilarious.  See if you can spot the EFF stickers.

From yesterday’s IT Crowd:


I downloaded season one Mig its funny british humour for sure. not alot of people though will  get it, I know my better half g/f thought it was dumb…LOL

I haven’t checked out season one yet, but I’ve seen all of this season and the show is slowly growing on me.

Season 1 is funnier, well, so far anyway.  If you’ve ever seen Father Ted, it’s the same kind of humour, but instead of church humour, it’s all sysadmin and tech humour.

Season 1 is all about the IT department, and it’s the usual cliches.  For example, they always answer the phone “Hello, IT.  Did you try turning it off and on again?”

It’s really funny to try and spot the open source and EFF stickers, etc.  Yesterday’s episode even made reference to the spoiler t-shirt

If you get the DVD of season 1, it has subtitles in L33tspeak.  Hilarious.

Cory Doctorow from Boing Boing did a bit of consulting for the show, apparently.

Subtitles in l33tspeak. Genius. Only six episodes in season one? Guess I’ll definitely catch up on them then.

Yup, only 6 episodes.

And while you’re at it, grab “Extras” (2 seasons).  It’s Rick Gervais’s sitcom.  Very funny – every episode has a celebrity who plays him or herself on a movie set, while Gervais is an extra.

Well the first season has started off way funnier than the second. Those shots of the IT guys at the fair with the prostitutes was comedy gold!

Grabbed the first season, and watched the first two episodes. Funny stuff. Gonna grab what’s out of Season 2 after I’m done with Season 1.

I swear that I used “did you try turning it off and on again?”  3 times today.  It worked each time.

Season 2 is great, I hope it runs more then six ep’s, as then there is only one left then…