Is wireless internet good for gaming?

right now theres 3 computers in the house, all hooked up with wireless internet

would those 2 other computers make my ping higher?

all together wireless wouldn’t be good for online gaming i wouldn’t think. Never worked out for me :neutral_face:

i play games on the wireless fine. but then again i have a N series  router…

Ping your router.
Wireless connections can add 10ms to your ping time. Plug in if you can.
Those home units also are meant for ‘a couple’ of wireless connections. They get really bad the more you add.

trying to get wired

but is my computer good for gaming?

AMD Sempron Processer 3300+ 2.00 GHz
480mb memory
a 32mb video card

Na. It’s dreadful. Nothing less than a Sempron 3400… :smiley:
Your video’s the weak spot. Do you have a card or onboard? Most AMD mobos with onboard that take that chip you can crank it up to at least 128 or more in the BIOS

Are you in Rupert?

Is it an AGP slot?

Buy a 100 ft. ethernet cable, they’re like what $30? saves you a ton of headaches.

If you must go wireless, don’t cheap out on the router/card and you’ll be fine. Get N like astrothug said and stay away from primitive B or G versions.

I’m currently stuck on G wireless, my ping is equal to a wired connection, but stupid things like a wireless phone sometimes cut me out.

Oh, and stay away from Belkin routers. Hmm that’s about it for routers.

About the comp specs, you should upgrade the ram and video card if you plan on gaming. Which games do you plan on playing?

I would say the RAM is pretty weak too.  Only 480 mb?  How do you get 480 anyway?  I wouldn’t have anything less than 1 gb for gaming these days.

Just answered a question. It’s got 480 because 32 is directed to the onboard video!

A> Go buy another Gig and snap it in
B> Hit DEL key on boot and look for your Onbard Peripherals. Crank the video to 128 or 256.

Probably got S3, UniChrome or if lucky ATI onboard video.

You can download Belkin Advisor  and run it, it will tell you your mobo and chipset & video, etc.
Post your mobo, if it’s an AM2 board you could swap out for an X2 chip for under $100

Maybe you have a Foxconn690 like mine, you can add 8 GB RAM and crank the ATI1200 up to 1GB for video.


theres that mobos thing

yea im living in rupert

planning on playing CS, MOHAA, World In Conflict, SWAT 4, Call of Duty 4, Battlefield 2

my mom wont let me get a 15 foot ethernet cable for some reason

i have a AGP x8 slot

and yea i have a UniChrome IGP card, and i just went to BIOs thing and it can only go to 64 megabytes…awhile thats slightly better better then 32 MBs

i now have 448 MBs of memory, and my processor went from 2.00GHz to 2.32GHz

and we have a Dlink DI-524 router

hopefuly on friday going to buy 2 gigs of memory and maybe a 512 MB video card from

Upping the ram is a great idea. Before dropping some cash on an AGP card, you should ask around to see if anyone has one they would give away. AGP has been replaced, so some people could have one laying around gathering dust.

Which is why I was asking if you were in Rupert.  But anyway, if you’re going to buy an AGP card, go for it :wink:

Umm I thought video cards only came in 32, 64, 128, and 256…? … =E145-7300

thats the one i might buy, it has 512mbs of memory

theres ones that have 768mbs though

yea i guess i’ll try and ask around for one … omoid=1065

if you’re contemplating the card you posted a link to above,

it’s cheaper on NCIX.

it would arrive here faster than Tigerdirect also =]

thanks for the find Andrew :smiley:

Weird…Oh well, I haven’t kept up on computer stuff in awhile.

tigerdirect is pretty expensive.  avoid them if you can.

found a 1gig memory stick for just 39.99 at tigerdirect
seems cheap

they used to have at the source buts it sold out

What type of Ram were you Looking into buying?

and how many PINS?

it usually says in the Description of the RAM

For Example -

OCZ DDR2 PC2-9600 2GB 2X1GB DDR2-1200 240PIN DIMM

I believe the common PIN count is 184, 200, and 240

the type of ram you may buy is also determined by the type supported by your motherboard.

if possible it would be nice for me to know the Model Number of your Motherboard and the Company

usually, the model number is written or displayed in a clear view right on the motherboard, VIA Sticker, or Imprint by other methods.

I could most likely find RAM For under $39 for you.

most people would be skeptical about cheap ram, but I am not.

I know for a fact that, most cheap ram is under-rated because of the fact that it is, well . … Cheap.

but I know for a fact that in example this Ram Stick - … omoid=1065

would be more than enough for the average game, the only time I would buy $200-400 RAM is when doing some Serious overclocking, as high priced RAM almost always Promises stability, but that’s off topic so . . .


hehehe, thread has swayed off topic, but the Original Poster and Myself, sorry for that.

about the Wireless gaming.

these factors come into play.

  • Geological Location (Your location Affects Ping)

  • Type Of Internet Connection

  • Type Of Router

  • Type of NIC you are using, this is known as an “Ethernet Card” as some users have stated  (B, G & N are the Wireless Variations for Wireless Ethernet Cards Available, and also that N is the Type to “Go For” :stuck_out_tongue:

  • And of course, your actual computer’s Hardware peripherals. (which of course we are speaking of right now =])

I hope that we could help you as much as possible, as I know for a fact that computers could be really mean and confusing at times. :stuck_out_tongue: