Is thisram? will it kill my computer? huh huh?

found this kicking aronud inside the case of a computer someone gave me. think its still good? can i just stick it in and see if it says my cmoputer now has 256 + 128 ?

one one of the stickers it says " XR-DIMM169/128SD-13" (thats not in one of the photos…)

whats the worst thing that could happen if i throw it in there ?

Try on someone else’s computer.

i COULD do that! maybe i will…can any sort of ram go in any sort of computer?

Looks like 128MB of PC133 SDRAM.

If you have no use for it, donate it to your local high school …

Check your computer’s manual (RTFM) to see what kind of RAM it will take (or look at the RAM currently in there).

Taking for granted no physical damage and it fits the slot, you should be ok. If you put it in and you only get a black screen when you boot up, don’t panic, just remove it. If you still get a blank screen, then panic.

If your computer beeps when you boot up with the new RAM, get ready to defuse the bomb by looking at it and pressing the use key. Cut the blue wire.

Also, just have to say this, but make sure the computer is off before installing the new RAM. AND DON’T REMOVE THE “DO NOT REMOVE THIS STICKER” STICKER!

I always forget to mention that part.

will that make my computer more elite? 384 megs of ram vs 256?

this is a cpu right? could anyone tell me which generation? arent there different formats of cpu? like… socket 7 and stuff? i remember a bit from way-back but i’m not sure.

ahahah thats funny it seems like so long since i’ve played counterstrike i knew you were referencing a game but couldnt remember which!

Students have TWICE reminded me why I need to repeat that over and over again. Ah well.

Also, don’t let any smoke out of the case. That would be bad, and the computer wouldn’t work anymore.

There are a lot of different types of CPUs, yeah.

Also, that CPU looks like a socket 370? With a slot 1 adapter or something?

The pictures are very small, but it looks like a socket370 (PIII and Celerons 533mhz-1.3ghz) on a Socket370 to Slot1 adapter card.

which means its a pentium 3 chip! hot diggity!

as per
i didnt think it was that new of a computer he gave me!! holy moly. that might be better than my computer right now!

Oh, pictures are bigger now. The chip looks like a celeron. I’m pretty sure all the Pentuim chips were green.

Speaking of processors Does anyone know where I could get a voltage regulator for a pentium II box?


Yea, but which voltage regulator? Its an old digital 1200 series Machine.

what the hell hey, im gonna throw my old computers guts into the new ones case. if ya dont hear from me in a week, i probably broke everything and hope y’all have a good one. later

Look at the board that sucker came off. It’s probably an old P2B99 or early p3 Asus board. All the later slot370s were flat, fastest edge mounted chip I’ve seen was a Celeron 533.

You could probably sell that 128/133 chip for almost enough to get 256DDR these days… $50
Check out these:
K7 all-in-one boards, should run you $69-$79, Sempron 2400 about $125. You can rebuild your old puppy for under $250

sweet, im back i guess. no quieter in the new case (which is what i was hoping) but the ram installed ok, and maybe with the sides on it will shut up a bit. thanks a lot for all the help and suggestions