Is this gossip?

Someone in town mentioned to me that the Rupert Square Mall is sold… I heard that ROYOP purchased and is planning to make it into a condo’s ?????? true or false or is it just Prince Rumour working over time… Why was Danny Maclean meeting with ROYOP group??? Does anyone know…


Word of advice for you, chap.

Don’t be so gullible. 

Oh and yeah, Royop has bought 10 houses in this region.  There planning to turn each of
them into houses from the homeless.

Hard drugs will be permitted in these houses.  Is anyone else against it as much as I am?

Well.  You should be.

That is all.

Who cares what they do so long as its in their home. I dont agree with their choice but thats not my decision to make.  Anyway better than the “hard drugs” being done on the street