Is this for real?

I was checking my latest emails and noticed an unread in my inbox from the site with a request that I contribute a minimum of $10 monthly towards the party to help elect them in 2013.  Now, I am not a political person, I leave that to the  “peeps in the know”, but is this a legit request? They have a link on there to donate online my monthly contribution…AND , they have included all pertinent info., phone No’s, email, etc.  Just wondering as for some reason, it smells foul… :neutral_face:

I wouldn’t click on any link in an e-mail that wants you to donate money on-line.  Yes.  That does smell foul to me.  It would be much safer to phone Gary’s office and offer to mail in a cheque to support the NDP.  I send in a cheque on a regular basis to both Gary and Nathan.

I would just check it out with your local office of Gary Coons or Nathan Cullen, but if you wish to be more comfortable well for five or ten bucks I would be able to check matters for you and allow you to carry on being nonpolitical.

Well, since some member on here seems to think my email was imaginary, :unamused: thought I would phone the toll free number on the bottom of the email and sure enough, it is indeed the BCNDP office so now I am a little pissed and will be off to see Gary on Tuesday, I guess, as their office is closed tomorrow.  I wonder if it has anything to do with that HST petition we signed and possibly they are sending random emails out.  It was addressed to me personally.  I can understand they need donations to fund their particular events and such, but shouldn’t they be addressing the corporate sector?  Besides my $10 monthly buys my Tims, I do have priorities, after all !!

Not having seen the mail myself I couldn’t be sure, but it’s entirely possible that this is a very good phishing scam.  They’ve been getting better at this–putting in actual addresses and phone numbers, while the link that you click on to send your money is to a fake site.  I wouldn’t be so quick to get mad at Mr. Coons just yet.  It’s entirely possible that he had nothing to do with this.

That said, I think you should go to his office and talk to him or his staff.  If they did indeed send this message, then you can let them know that you feel it’s inappropriate to do so.  If not, you should alert them to the fact that someone is trying to use their name to scam people.

Mornin’ Stardog Champion !  Don’t get me wrong, I am not at all angry with Gary or his office, I called the number at the bottom of the email, it is legit, but I am going to the office to advise them that this is happening in the event they aren’t aware of it…As I said earlier, I have a feeling it has something to do with the HST petition I signed but I will find out!! As for the link, I NEVER click on any of those things, bad news … :imp:

Stardog Champion makes an excellent point. 
The number may be legitimate, but, the NDP may not have sent it.  I’ll be curious to hear if the NDP did send it to you.  If not then it is a very good phishing scam.

According to Provincial rules - the MLA office is not permitted to display partisan materials or host partisan activities.

Whatever fundraising or campaigning is being done by a political party - is not being done out of the MLA office.

Call the BC NDP if you want to know about their fundraising efforts and whether they are legitimate.

I am heading down to the NDP office tomorrow as they weren’t open today.I did call the number on the bottom of the email and it was the BC NDP office but I had called after hours …Keep ya posted !

Uh, come to the Daily News instead. We’d love to handle all money donations to any party you’d like. Write the cheque to “Mr George Baker”.

So, spoke with the NDP Constituency office today and the email is legit but does not have any association with the NDP office here. I have never had any other donation requests from any other political party so was confused as to the origin of this one. Suffice to say, I have blocked further emails and will hopefully find a human to speak with at the BC NDP office tomorrow. That’s the update !!   :neutral_face:  Oh, your cheque is in the mail George but I’m sure you’ve heard that one before… :wink:

OK, so here I am yet again  :unamused:  I have received another email from the BC NDP office informing me that I should do whatever I can to help halt the HST being implemented by the Liberals next July. I can either DONATE or I can copy off a bunch of friggin leaflets and hand them out to trick or treaters on Halloween nite, this came early Friday morning. It was so soppy, informing me how sad I will be that this will be the last tax-free Halloween and how expensive my friggin candy and pumpkin will be next year, for f----k sake !!  How pathetic can a party be?  The point of all this is I have received 4 now since I signed the HST petition, each has a link to stop receiving similar emails which I have done and here I go again. I have called the office and they never answer the phone and I have spoken with our local office who advise, although it is legit, that they are not involved with this type of policy. Sooooo, I either stock up on candy and pumpkins now or hope someone can offer some sane advice… :imp: Help…!!!

How pathetic. Well, less pathetic than a party that would institute the HST after having promised not to.

So whats with all the anger?
Right click and DELETE emails you don’t like or mark the sender as a spammer.
You just admitted you clicked the unsubscribe link and confirmed yourself as a legit address so you’re gonna be sold to every mailing list on the planet.

The BC NDP would sell his contact info to spammers? Wow.

The BC Liberals would lie about the HST?  Wow?

I’m not defending the HST. I’m just surprised that the NDP, or any political party gorthat matter, would use their unsubscribe button to collect and sell the emails of people who sign a petition. I might have misunderstood, though.

I think you’ll find that someone signed up to receive e-mails from the NDP, and are now complaining that they’re receiving e-mails from the NDP.

Yea absolutely. I signed up to get emails from the Liberals, but if I decide it’s too spammy I expect the unsubscribe button to work… And if I click that button I certainly wouldn’t expect my contact info to be sold because now they know it’s a legit email account.

You know that the NDP sold its contact list?  Or are you just making that assumption?  I unsubscribed successfully from an NDP alert list.  No more e-mail.