Is this Ad effective?

I need some feedback on this ad i made up. It’s already posted without telling my partners. Does it get the point across? Am i gonna get sued?

or is it just plain stupid?*


It sucks.

Too much blahblah
Poor graphics and page layout for the store that sells " the Cadillac of Computers". Why don’t you use one of them!

And what is with that “Parent” thing? Sell it to the kids first!

Is this for real or are you just trying to get another thread going.

Clipart bad.

Too much text bad.

You have a spellchecker - use it.

And cut out the racist crap.

Yes, I was thinking this too. Sell to the kids, and then they’ll sell the idea to their parents far better than you ever will.

K: selling to the parents, not the kids.
yes too wordy.
What racist crap? ??
where spelling?

Less words the better… no matter how old a person is, they don’t want to read a novel when trying to buy a computer.

Better ad: “Why not buy your kids a GOOD computer that will make them popular and like you more?”

[quote=“herbie_popnecker”]K: selling to the parents, not the kids.
yes too wordy.
What racist crap? ??
where spelling?[/quote]

Spelling: “asome” - on htmf, spelling doesn’t matter. In print ads marketed to parents, it does.

Racist: there’s nothing wrong with the Malaysians, and implying that they will try to cheat you is discrimination on the basis of race.

doesn’t work. they’re parents, cheap is like, programmed into their brains. I know. I are one…
awww daddd! not the Welfare Family pop again!

[quote=“herbie_popnecker”]doesn’t work. they’re parents, cheap is like, programmed into their brains. I know. I are one…
awww daddd! not the Welfare Family pop again![/quote]

Not all parents. My mom was more than willing to fork out $5000 for this puppy. Not all parents are cheap. Lots of them do actually care about their children’s wishes.

all of us want to. most of us can’t afford to…

herbie_popnecker, I agree with the above critique. Your ad needs additional work. Keep it simple. I think word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertising. If you are the best, word will get around.

Also, are you selling these to eight year old kids? GET RID OF THE COMIC SANS!

When I worked for a design firm in Whitehorse, everything we ever designed for the premier had to be designed in comic sans. Even the half page ads welcoming the prince on his visit to the Yukon!

thanks for the tips. I was trying to 1) avoid the minimalist shit you always see [big price in 36pt, including $200 rebate in 4pt underneath] that catches them everytime. 2) point out the chainstore sales guy flogs washing machines from 9-noon tv’s til 3 and computers til 6 and doesn’t really give a shit what you want, just wants to make a quota.
OK, i missed ‘asome’ and so did my Sat kid, his friend, and a forestry manager that looked over the proof.

Malaysians… well I’m not trying to be racist but they’re so evil we don’t even have a derogatory name for them :laughing:
Point being E machines were from there, underage labor, corrupt governments, shady trade deals, etc.Main point being ‘rebates’ you send for out of country aren’t guaranteed, there’s no enforceability. I’m still waiting for my ‘free zip disk’ from 1996, my ‘zip drive carry case’ from 1998. Hell, my PSPro8 rebate got denied cuz the postmark wasn’t 30 days from time of sale on slip. It was 24 days!
Scams, cheats, and fraudulent BS. Bait & switch, misleading layouts are the norm for most big places.

Comic sans was supposed to match the comic pics. Only the Touch model was a real snapshot…

I guess whole idea needs a rethink. and I was worried that lawyers from Scrapyard-Bell, Crateway or Dull mail-order were the problem…

I think I’ll try and beat MiG to the punch on this one:

So you’re saying “don’t buy this computer made in Malaysia”. Buy ours, which is also made in Malaysia?

I mean, unless you have a chip fab and hard drive factory up there that we didn’t know about, what’s the difference here? Your stuff isn’t made in Canada either.

And yeah, you paid for Paint Shop Pro? WTF?

no the company bought PSP and I stole the rebate coupon :smiling_imp:
they also told me to order DriveImage & QV something next week. Need some iso’s posted?

Yeah, almost all parts are made offshore. But some at least hire computer grads to build them here for minimum wage. Unless we can make one that uses Old Dutch chips…

Obligatory Pringles Can wireless reference.

PSP snort? Got an easier prog for 2 minute jobs?