Is the highway killer living in Rupert?

I was woundering if any one else had heard that they have a fisherman in questioning for the girls missing on highway 16? Rumor has it that a local charter fisherman recently had a boat sink. When the boat was salvage’d apprently one of the missing girls pack sack’s was found?

I hope deja vous is still spelled the same.

another fisherman story just like the one that Elvis Presley is alive an well as a bald fisherman is Prince Rupert. good one

i heard this rumour  about a year ago, they mentioned the name but i didnt recognise it. i doubt there is any truth to it as i heard this story a year ago yet there is no news of any arrests, and im sure that would have been cosidered fairly big news in this tiny city.

You mean Edited (not sure if that’s how the last name is spelled?)

He’s from Ft. St. James BC… Charters in Rupert… Can’t say he’s the person who did this all but that’s who’s boat sunk. He’s known as a crazy by some.

Here we go again. Why do people insist on posting names relating to murders when they have no freaking clue if they were involved or not.?

Um I just know the name of the person who is / was (Unsure) being looked at… Why? Because I live a few doors down from his primary residence for the time being. Moving out of this poop hole soon. He’s a very long time resident of this area. I’m not saying he is the killer but the word HERE is that he’s the suspect and he’s also the one with the charter boat which was sunk there… He’s managed to replace it somehow.

I wouldn’t speak if I didn’t know… but that’s all I know :smile:

Thats really messed up…you cant do that shit.  Its damaging to the individual. 

There you happy? I removed the name… Personally everyone who knows this guy here thinks he did it by the way. Of course until they conclude this that’s just opinion :smile:

And if it isn’t this person you named are you human even to apolozie???  You are only going on heresay and dislike for this person which is called a rumor, correct??

Speaking as a moderator here in my opinion it isn’t a good idea to implicate, accuse someone of committing murder.  Our board administrator MiG said it best, I’m quoting him here:

**"A couple of points for people here:

  1. You’re not anonymous.  If someone gives me a subpoena or court order, and you’re no longer anonymous.  Of course, nobody’s getting your identity unless that happens (or you give it up willingly).

2.  You really should read up on libel and slander laws.  You’re responsible for your own comments, and if you’re going to make libelous and slanderous statements, then be prepared to face the consequences.

3.  The RCMP doesn’t get to decide what’s true or not.  If somebody posts something that hasn’t been released by the RCMP,  then statement #2 above applies.  The RCMP does not control speech in our democracy, sorry.

That all being said, I think anonymity is an important part of democracy, and we have a right to free anonymous speech.  We don’t have the right to break the law, or to slander and libel others, though."**

OnlineBiz, do you have anything to do other than grave-digging threads and being a retardo in this forum?

Your name seriously makes me think you’re a spammer here.

Man, you’re worth kidnapping back to DPRK as food aid…

Yep no worries Hitest… I removed the name. Just that I know who and what public opinion is :smile:

Public opinion isn’t fact… Can someone please mention the source of the backpack find though? I’ve never heard about that. It’s creepy when you actually know a bit about this fellow …
and even creepier when you live within a few hundred feet.

We as anyone else can only speculate and know far less than the RCMP likely but we do know this is a much smaller town than PR and we know of some of his other doings with certainty.


Hey cut me some slack. I’m an experienced newbie to your forum. I only just found it as I’m moving to rupert. I’m quite fluent with the internet and things. I didn’t realize at first these were ancient threads. My apologies.
Just noted something of interest about one of my “neighbors”

If you consider expressing my thoughts like any other member as spamming I’m not sure what to say ?

Very friendly people - 2 karma already… Lots to look forward to  :unamused:


Thank you for removing his name.  I would really appreciate it if you would please stop posting hints about his identity, location and occupation.

Sure thing. Just figured it was common knowledge :smile:

Thank you, I appreciate that. :smile:

But PM a name might be interesting… there’s too fucking many crazies here in the Fort to hazard a guess…
And it is Tuesday, and |I haven’t heard a good rumour this week. You know what they say about that here… (start one)