Is the credit union a bank that cares?

My many years of listening to my father who banked with the credit union since he
came to this town in 1968,and then his kids who has always felt like family in dealing
with the credit union has really hurt in the last few days,its a real shame that when
some people feel they can just go and hurt someone and think that they would just
go away and keep there feelings to themselves,I’m sorry i have lived here to long and seen
to much and my own personal feelings about the family minded the caring home based
bank that cares about family’s and is community minded to be fair in everyway by treating everyone with respect and fairness has been very badly tarnished and i
pray to god that no outher family or citizen in our small caring community will have
to deal with it.

In this day and age, and the way in which the economy is effecting everyone, it is truly sad when financial institutions lose grip of customer service.

What did go wrong between your Dad and the Credit Union?

Mind you, you don’t have to answer my question if it’s deemed as being too personal but, since you began with mentioning your Dad in the story, one would figure that you wouldn’t mind explaining the matter a bit further.

Credit Unions are owned by its members and are–by definition–closer to their clients…at least one would expect.

The Credit Union has always supported the community in many more ways than one. They lend to those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to borrow, then provide financial solutions to those who have no options and their practices and policies are geared toward the communities in which they operate. They don’t help everyone How many well-paying jobs does the Credit Union create here in PR? At least 35…

That said, there is a price to pay at times: higher interest rates / service charges. Delinquency, late payments etc. the local credit union in my experience has been incredibly understanding with; although I can imagine debts left too long forces financial institutions to protect their interests. It is sad, I agree.

Hope things get better for ya.

I’ve only ever had good experiences with the Credit Union in Rupert.

In my dealings with the credit union they have been fair and they gave me good service.

The situation isnt with the operation as a whole the staff is great,its what
happens within and the policys which i feel can be unfair in certian situations
and i think those folks know were im going ,and lets hope that they can work
with there human resourse dept and be alittle more symthatic to familys who
have love ones working for them ,i would like to end this from my side of the
story and hopefully we all can move on.

I hope things work out for you, ajaye46!

I really dont think it will get any better. I did bank there for as long as i can remember, i first started banking there cause they did off good service and were open on Saturdays, then they stopped working Saturdays. Then it came time for me to buy a house and get a morgage, so of course i went there first and got my quote. Of course i shop around, i walk into a bank that i have never stepped foot in before and right out of the gate they off me better rates.

Yeah.  I ended up doing the same thing.  I was a long time credit union member (10-20 years).  I recently re-negotiated my mortgage.  I gave the credit union a shot at it, but, they could not compete with the chartered banks.  I got a much better deal with a bank here in PR.  I’m locked in for 5 years and my mortgage is paid off.

they are in business to make money as well not to make friends  :unamused:


hahahaha…simply put soggy,my favourite word at times… you made me laugh.

I understand people’s need to vent, but if you’re going to go on a public forum and spout cryptic complaints without any detail that’s hardly fair. I don’t even bank at the Credit Union, but if you’re unable or unwilling to put detail into a complaint, why even voice it in the first place?

You can go to their meetings once a month for a year. Then you’ll be known enough to get elected onto the Board. Then you can set policy.
Try setting policy at the Canadian Imperialist Bank or the Bank of Nova Scrotes.

I banked at the credit union as a child and it was great… until I actually wanted to use my money then I had to move to a real bank rather than lose half my money to ‘service’ charges.

That can cut both ways. Some customers may like having a locally elected board … knowing people counts for a lot in smaller towns … but their policy decisions may be arbitrary … helping some, maybe even more than they should, or making things unnecessarily difficult for others.

Lending institutions are required to maintain a ratio between deposits and loans … Big banks do that by tightening up or loosening their lending … but what does a credit union do if their lending ratios get out of wack … say if a major depositor pulls the plug or a big loan goes sideways?

Big banks can absorb those hits. My worry about credit unions is that to get back in balance they call in loans that are not in default … relying on fine print … or refuse to loan money because of their internal issues.

I also banked with a credit union as a child … but dealing with mortgages and business financing I’ve preferred the big banks … the playing field is level, they’re objective and consistent from my experience.

I’m also not keen about credit union board members … who come and go … potentially knowing about my business. That’s not a concern with big banks … they’re more arms-length.

BTravenn…you come across as a well balanced debater.
Your grasp of the different topics as well as your level of understanding is very apparent and appreciated.

How I wish there would be more members like you on HTMF!!

Aaaaah, how sweet !  RU you related or maybe one and the same person as a few are on here ?  :smiley:

I too, banked ( or is it credited) at the credit union as a child. I eventually pulled both mortgages as well as my business account from this branch. They are not as interested in helping a local who is born and raised in this town( and has a family…which is moving nowhere),as they are financing bigger business ( I know it sounds like I’m spouting off, but I don’t have the time to go further into this) I’ve attended their AGM’s and I got the sense that …well…They are not much use to the average Joe public.I should stop here…my bp is rising

Let me paraphrase… I went to them looking for help to grow my existing small business…swing and a miss.

P.S. BTravenn, It’s nice to hear your opinion, I like your style