Is Rupert a house renter's market?

Just curious as to what the real estate market is like in Rupert from those of you who actually live there…I am thinking about moving to PR and I would like to know what options I have with a small family? Not goin to buy may affect my beer money!

Considering that a couple of the towns larger apartment buildings are being emptied for renovations I think that the rental market is about to get a little more competitive.  I’d recommend calling one of the local real estate agents and find out a little more about whats available and for how much.  Or you could always get a copy of the local rag sent to you.

Just a little tip for ya there mate, you might wanna leave out the beer comments when shopping for landlords. They will think your the party type, not what you want.

Welcome to HTMF, EDDIE!! :sunglasses:
Best of luck with finding a rental unit!

Thanks for the replies…I guess my questioning was a bit vague… I am looking for a townhouse or house that may be mildly furnished and 2-3 bedrooms…I guess in the 600-800cdn range-is this a fair search? Oh yes and I meant I do not want to buy because I am saving for my son’s tuition! :wink:

You’re in the right ballpark, Eddie, for those kind of accommodations.

[quote]A crawl space to call home in Whistler

A severe shortage of rental accommodations has forced some residents in the resort town of Whistler, B.C., to get down on their knees to find a home — literally.

Residents like Warren William have been living in crawl spaces under condo units, happy to have any place to call home.

“You gotta duck in to get in,” says Williams, “I have a four-foot-tall door.”

Even such tiny quarters aren’t cheap.

At $650 a month, including utilities, the crawl space where Williams lives is inside the Nordic Vistas townhouse development, and he considers the price a steal.

“When you step inside, it’s got pretty low ceilings, but it’s pretty spacious. Like a one-bedroom apartment.”

Many of the low-down suites have heat, water and power, and some have been occupied for at least a decade. But that does not make them legal. [/quote] … crawl.html

Hello there EDDIE, to somewhat hopefully answer your question, NO, I am currently living in a 2 bedroom apt, and I am also moving at the end of Aug. I looked at a 2 bedroom house, that was well smaller than my current apt. I am living alone, and don’t really have all that much stuff, however this  house that I looked at had only one plug in in the whole living room. mind you, this was an older home, however PR, is full of them, most of the landlords in this town, are extremely hesitant on children, and or, are even more hesitant, when it comes to repairs. I have lived here for a lil over 6 years now, and have had to deal with rats outside my door, and or mice runnin rampant. Most places that have rodents, decline those with pets. As far as renting a house goes, well since the port started construction, rental rates, and asking prices on home went through the roof. One house that i looked at, couldn’t even get a dresser up the stairs, it was sooo narrow. It is apparent that if one would like to live in a shit-shack, than what is left in Rupert for available rentals is pretty much what is left. sorry if I upset any scumlords,NOT.