Is Prince Rupert the threat from the North?

If cargo keeps growing at 10 percent a year, then you can all live with the fantasy that a rising tide lifts all boats," Sheldon said. “But cargo is down … so that means that a rising tide does not raise all boats.”-- Port of Seattle Seaport Managing Director Charlie Sheldon expressing his concerns that the Port of Prince Rupert may prove to be a financial threat to the Seattle port…

That planned transportation conference we discovered last week, exploring the impact of development of the Port of Prince Rupert from a Seattle point of view, took place yesterday afternoon and for more than a few of the participants the development of the Northwest gateway to Asia portends troubling times for the established ports of the West Coast.

The evening discussion on transporation was guided by University of Washington assistant professor Anne Goodchild, who examined the Port of Prince Rupert and its potential impact on not only the Port of Seattle but other west coast transportation centres.

While the Fairview Port is still handling far less than the anticipated load so far, local port officials are still quite bullish about its future capabilities and expectations. Built to handle some 500,000 TEU’s a year, numbers quoted by a Seattle Post Intelligencer article suggested that so far only 43,000 TEU’s have gone through Fairview to the USA inland ports they are destined to…

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Here’s a photo of on of Seattle’s container ports that I took last week:

Looks just like Rupert’s container port:  no ships.

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cool pics MiG,

hype hype i say… :smiley:

but its cool that those greedy Americans are sweating about our little port…

Agreed.  I hope our little port makes a splash:-)
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lol hype indeed, americans reading that article are like “prince what? rupert who?”

oh! truth burn!

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I’m not up there so I really don’t know. So seriously, how many containers has Prince Rupert sent and received this year?  :confused: Does anyone know? If you are guessing please say so.