Is msn not working for everyone else

mine hasnt workde since this morning, i wonder if anyone elseses is not connecting. i cant get the msn status page either though, so who knows?

actually, thats a good question, who knows??

Mine is fine, but there are a few people on my list with, “MSN is Fced,” and some other choice phrases.

“Works for me”

Also, that show really sucked in the 80’s, but I thought it was sooo cool.

hmm, no problem here, status page says its fine

now it worsk, needed to restart? the page didnt work for me so there must been something weird there

You might need to call citytel and ask them to flush your magnetron. Seriously.

Did you check the flux capacitor?

Maybe its your Mr fusion generator?

Man that was a good movie but nothing will ever compare to my brothers Extreme sports video!!!

I will try and post it.

it wasn’t extreme sports, it was the club for people who hate other people…

And we’ve just solved the final Riley mystery.

haha, actually, no…

Geeze… the magnetron is for bandwidth they need to flush your modems dns cache.

your msn has AIDS.