Is it my computer or CityWest?

I guess the wind must be blowing my way  everything is good over on the eastside

speed out still suck… that’s a telus thing then…

You have a wireless network?  Are there other people on it?  Locked by WPA?  Or do you (or your close neighbours) have 2.4 ghz cordless phone?

Turn off wireless and plug directly into router and see how it goes.

Okay, I just turned off/on my modem, and here are my new speeds:

Way higher dl, way lower upload.

Yes, I’m wireless, no I don’t share it, I have full bars, and I don’t really want to go down to the dark, cold basement to plug in, so hopefully this will work now!

Thanks for everyone’s help!  (assuming that the higher download speed will help the streaming problem)

thanks MiG this is from my other comp directly into modem a bit faster then the other one going through the wireless…

how are others speeds looking to Van

My speeds to Vancouver suck, damn it!  LOL.

Oh my goodness!  Thank you, my geeky computer friends.  I LOVE YOU!  Streaming is working now, and I was soooo annoyed!  I don’t have cable, and I really, really, wanted to watch 90210  :-P

you live close to jamaica avenue astrothug?

if so, they’ll continue to tell you over and over in a loop that it’s your distance from the server and it can’t be helped.

my speeds have always been good, and if you look they are good with in town limits … citywest cant do anything about telus lines that we are going out on… more often then naught I download at 500 +KB/s and uploud at 70 to 100KB/s
I’m not dissing citywest my speeds havbe always been about the same, no matter where I have lived…


hey astro you make me feel so good  I have great speed to Van. lol

yeah I’m on premium and the new line and can only download a max of 308 KB/s and upload a max of 47 KB/s. the “speeds” to citywest are obviously really good 'cause it’s so close and it’s within our network.

after citywest though it’s gross

My speeds are good this a.m.  My daughter isn’t on youtube yet. :smiley:

steve we are capped at 50kb/s upload:|

yeah we are dude it sucks everyone else in town’s getting 100 KB/s upload, and I was like no way our internetz isn’t that fast (lol)

I’m going to phone up Citywest and tell them to limit you guys!  I think all your internet activity is clogging up the lines, internet is especially slow for me today…


I raise your Shaw with my BT… Only thing I like about this damn country right now!

sorry guys check your speeds within Prince Rupert then check outside to vancouver, if the speeds are good with in town but not to Van then its a Pipe issue that has nothing to do with Citywest…

Hi Astro, It is true if there are issues on their partners networks that Citywest uses to connect to the internet backbone than it is beyond their control. Another factor may simply be they have not sized their bandwidth requirements / growth projections properly or it’s an economic decision to not purchase the required bandwidth from their partners.

I suspect that rather than being a technical issue downstream with their partners this is more likely an economic decision.[/quote]

shits speeds out of town again…

It’s too bad that we never get to learn of these things as they happen, would certainly make for an interesting question for those that are paying premium prices for a less than premium service at times.

I would like if nothing else for them to post on their website what the issues of the day are, how long they are going to continue and what they are trying to do to rectify the ongoing ones.

They are after all in the communications business to a fashion I guess…

When you say an economic decision, does that mean that they aren’t willing to pay the price of broadband access (perhaps it is too high and they are being prudent) or are they having a cash call situation where they possibly couldn’t pay the additional cost if they wanted to?

Those millions of dollars that were invested into Monarch cable might have come in handy for the local telephone company of the day to provide a cutting edge internet link with the world, which is what we were supposed to have back when fibre optics first arrived and were routed around the city.

Might be an interesting talking point for the upcoming municipal election, should there actually ever be an opportunity to ask the candidates questions…

$1500 a month.
"Paying for Premium service and not getting it?"
STFU whiners.