Is it my computer or CityWest?

I can’t seem to get any “streaming” today.  I wasn’t able to yesterday either.  Two days ago, it was perfectly fine!!!

Do you think it’s CityWest?  I don’t know much about this stuff like what cause and effect of this stuff.

Any ideas?

Id strongly put my money on it being the fault of CityWest... cause im having the same problems with any form of streaming or downloading…

Oh, good to know it’s not just my computer… Does this sort of thing happen often around here?

sorry guys check your speeds within Prince Rupert then check outside to vancouver, if the speeds are good with in town but not to Van then its a Pipe issue that has nothing to do with Citywest…


Well if you say so, personally I think that its the gophers on the CityWest roof that are powering this whole internet thing, I dont think they like working in heavy winds… :smiley:

Well, I don’t really know what a good speed is, compared to a bad speed, and what means what, but I know my friend in Victoria has streaming.

Okay, so that’s what my speed is.  Seems insanely slow!

well if you don’t know then u cant blame citywest can you!!! :wink:

Hmm you recently get a job with Citywest or something… you seem rather defensive of their service these days…

to van

speeds with in town suck

speeds out of town suck even more…

cant blame citywest…


Your speed is WAY higher than mine.

Hi Princess,

Maybe give Citywest a call, your speeds seem a bit slow.  You could try to turn your ADSL modem on and off.  Here is my speed to the Prince Rupert server.

that’s because I have full ADSL  :-D

holly shit…ok im doing the same… brb

So do I.

I think I have the less than full speed normally, but this is insanely slow for me… I’ll go try turning every thing off then on…`

thanks hitest that worked for me too

Heh, I meant to say off then on.  Sometimes the DSL modems need to be re-started on occasion. :smile:

You’re welcome, astro:-)