Is drinking and driving a good idea

12 Local Residents Charged with Impaired Driving

March 20th, 2007, Prince Rupert, BC - Several local residents have made their first appearance in Prince Rupert Provincial court, charged with Impaired Driving as a result of offences committed around the holiday season of 2006/2007. 12 people were charged with Impaired Operation of a Motor Vehicle as well as and Operating a Motor Vehicle while over .08 which relates to having a blood alcohol level over 80 mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood. As previously announced, the Prince Rupert RCMP will release the names of each individual charged criminally with Impaired Driving in our community, in an attempt to further discourage Impaired Driving.

The 12 charged for incidents between December 3rd, 2006 and January 6th, 2007 are:
27 year Van VO
25 year old Michael GIRBAV
46 year old Eric KRISTMANSON
59 year old Diane KIESMAN
42 year old Kenneth HEMBLING
45 year old William ETZERZA
19 year old Emma CHRISTISON
54 year old Kathleen MACGREGOR
31 year old Jeffrey KINNEY
40 year old Duane JACKSON
21 year old Morgan GARRIOCH
33 year old Richards TIMMS

All are residents of Prince Rupert.

Additional people were charged over that time period but have not had their first appearance in court. Their names will be released after that time.

Police are hoping that the thought of having their names released will be a further deterrent to potential Impaired Drivers. To this point, it doesn’t appear as though the Criminal Charges and Licence suspension have been enough to deter some people from driving drunk. Perhaps the thought of all their friends and colleagues knowing about their charges will encourage people to spend the few dollars on a cab ride home.



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Ooooh there’s gonna be some pissy people once these lists are circulated a few times. 

I would hope that it did work as a deterrant, but with the amount of people we have in Rupert that drive under the influence, there could be some long lists to come… specially during softball season.

Drinking to get pissy at being pissed? rotflmao

Yeah it’s better than the alternative, Dead people. Right?

This is bull sh*t. God, if i ever hear any dirt on you, this is going to be the first place i will post it. Sure these people were caught drinking and driving,  and now they are paying their due. Dont rub it in and publicly humiliate them. You might as well be a RAT!!!

We all make mistakes and your time will come. I will be the one laughing in your face telling the whole world way beyond this forum.

This is bull sh*t. God, if i ever hear any dirt on you, this is going to be the first place i will post it. Sure these people were caught drinking and driving,  and now they are paying their due. Dont rub it in and publicly humiliate them. You might as well be a RAT!!! [/quote]

I wouldn’t just be getting mad at GOD, it’s going to be published in the Daily News too I would imagine.

Only posted in the Daily News because they have nothing better to print. What else are they going to post, Snow in Prince Rupert, or the Mill is going to open??

I suppose the police are to blame also for catching these people, the court system, or the beer companies for making beer, …
you’re an ass!!

Ya sure they got caught for drinking and driving,  but public humiliation is a different topic all together. Dont take me wrong, I am totally against drinking and driving. Most of these people are law biding citizens, with the exception of these DUI’s.

And you then you insult ME for posting my view.

ChiefDave, you can tose my salad anytime.

“…with the exception of…”? lol

This is public information, readily available to anybody, most of the people who post here knew this was going to be available and where to find it. That’s not really GOD you know.
The public humiliation is the point, I think the RCMP media relations dept. took that into consideration and released thid information to humiliate these people into making more responsible decisions.

This is sure a great way to get the public to support the local RCMP. I hope they bash everyone.

Next week on HTMF.
These people were caught…
God and Chiefdave caught J-walking holding hands across 3rd Ave.  Lets all point at them and laugh. Maybe next time they willl use the crosswalk together.

You mean, look at the daily news and laugh, right?  Or do you mean, lets laugh at those who read “stuff” in the daily news?

A Youtuber…

From the Daily News Friday March 23, 2007

[quote]To the Editor:

The police intend to add the additional punishment of public embarrassment to the punishment prescribed by judges and parliament, they also are adding this punishment retroactive to an arbitrary time and date.

Where in the world except Prince Rupert do the RCMP get away with adding punishment to a court’s decision. Since when is it the RCMP’s decision to selectively punish some criminals and not others, retroactively on top of that.

Bob Loblaw[/quote]

I’m sure every person who drinks and drives thinks oh oh i better not do this my name might show up in the daily news.

Drunk driving rocks its so much fun lol1l1!!!11

not really, from the names I can tell a few of them are repeat offenders. They may not get caught but it sure as hell isnt the first time.

Anyway you guys didnt bitch when the sex offenders picture and name were posted here why complain now?  How is knowing what people to look out for on the roads any different than knowing what people to look out for around your children?

How come I can read the names of people charged with DUI, they publish lists to Shame the Johns, but the fuckhead who gets busted here for slitting a girls throat and raping her when she’s dead doesn’t get his name in the paper until he’s convicted?
I think I’ll put clarity to what others are dancing around.
Getting drunk to drive is clearly criminal behaviour.
Getting caught DUI is against the law like possessing marijuana or buying a blowjob.
Everyone forgets DUI is not a victimless crime until it’s too late.

I agree all criminal acts should be published but unfortunately rupert has a very large  amount of drunk drivers for the population…and the rcmp are frustrated.

I think it is a good idea to publish the names of drunken drivers.  It is a reasonable consequence for risking the lives of other people.