Is a trucker responsible for missing women on Highway of Tears?

Here is a link to an article in the Province: … story.html

What do y’all think?

Were they not looking that way a few years ago? I believe this would be a very interesting direction to take in trying to settle this horrible crime which has gone on for way too long and all these young ladies who have been taken away from their loved ones.

Have any women gone missing recently?  As in the last two years or so?  I thought that it was thought that it was Picton who did these crimes?

Pickton was arrested in February 2001.  There have been more women missing since then Nicole Hoar, Tamara Chipman, Aielah Saric Auger etc).

Though there might be some overlap, I don’t think anyone’s suggested Pickton travelled to Northern BC for his victims.  Most of them were from the lower mainland.

It’s a ring of terror.  Spread out on different locations around BC, with Pickton the somewhat leader of all this.  I’m glad they have him in custody; a good start but the need to squeeze every little detail out of him so they can catch them all and stop all this horrifying experience for a lot of families.

Everyone agrees he is a horrific person but I doubt that we can blame him for the Highway of Tears.  Another horrible individual(s) is responsible for this terror and the theory regarding truckers seems a plausible one.

Yes, it does seem very logic that certain trucker’s can be responsible for the awful crimes.

I agree with Mig about Pickton, he has been in lockup for a few years and it was mostly ladies from Lower Mainland, Tamara Chipman I  am 100% sure that is an ongoing case and different file. But she still is a young one gone. I think it is a trucker and that they or he may have a vast area to shop for victims.

I’m not so sure,trucks have electronic tattletales on them that record where, when how long and at what speed.

I don’t think all truck are equipped with this item, I would be looking at private truckers. 

Prince Rupert is planning a sign to beware the highway of Tears: