Ipod touch app recommendations

Hi all.

I finally manged to replace my ipod that bit the dust a few months ago with a groovy new 64 GB ipod touch.  Part of the reason I bought it was so that I could use apps on it.  The problem is, I don’t know any good ones.  Does anyone have any recommendations, preferably for free or cheap apps?

I’ve had one for a few months now and I would recommend “Admit One” for movie fans, “Great Books” for a reader, “Awesome Note” for reminders on the fly, “Spawn” because it’s  fun, the “NFB” for Canadian film goodness and the “NASA” app because it’s free and let’s you easily determine ISS flyover times. “Corus Radio” and “Shoutcast” are great radio apps   
(at least for me) and my kids would recommend “Tap-tap Revenge”. Most of these are free, I generally spend my money on tv ep dls instead of apps.

Everyone’s apps are going to be different, depending on their interests…  but here are some of my apps:

Internet & Network

  • Evernote, Skype, Dropbox, Fever, Twitterific, PayPal, eBay, AIM, Facebook, Flickr, Google, Pixcetera, CBC Radio, Wordpress

Utilities & tools

  • Convert, Weathereye, Google Earth, Photoshop Mobile, iTunes Remote, Keynote Remote,

Games & stuff:

  • FlightControl, GD Swarm, Tiki Towers, AirportMania, Trains, Strategic Assault, Strategery, Family Guy

Soccer (its own category!)

  • FIFA 10, My Footall, iSoccer, MyMadrid, Eufa.com


I have to add that I use Dropbox and Evernote a lot.  Both sync automagically with all the Macs and PeeCees in my life, so that I have my stuff everywhere.  Take a photo, record a voice memo, or write a note with evernote and it automatically shows up on my computers.  Dropbox does the same kind of thing, but works with media files too.

Fever is my feed-reader.