iPod to laptop

I’m out of town, and my friend wants me to load up her new laptop with music from my iPod.  I’ve tried to go into My Computer and just transfer the files that way, but none of my music will show up at all.  Do I have to install iTunes for my iPod to show up or there another way to do it??

good question? I would also like to know how to do that and add music from someone else’s computer?

That’s called pirating, however there is a program ipod backup i think, it allows you to copy from your ipod to another computer.

Right now as it stands the computer see’s the ipod as being registered with another itunes. Thus not allowing it to transfer to and from it. Something apple did.


Im not sure of the program for windows, i bet SOMEONE will post the link soon, or maybe pm him.

I don’t really want to get into a piracy vs. fair use argument here, but that sort of DRM sucks. What if you have a laptop and a desktop computer, and an MP3 player. Should you not be allowed to transfer your files however you want between them?

Oh, I forgot. When you purchase an album, you’re actually purchasing a license to listen to that music in the most limited way possible.

Anyhow, smartass, I’m not an iPod owner, but some quick Googling came up with ephpod.com/ , which I think ought to do what you’re looking for. I’m assuming you’re using Windows.

If you are operating on a wireless system like we around this house, we transfer everything over between the PC and the Mac using the “Shared Documents” folders since my son configured it over…only my iPod is configured for the PC now so in order to share a new folder of MP3’s I’d just competed with my daughter’s iPod, I simply added the file to “Shared” and she had it immediately over at the Mac and added it to her iTunes over there. Sure beats having to pull out the memory sticks!

Yea you pretty much need to download iTunes.  This is the number one reason why iPods suck.

Did you even read the thread?  Or do you just not know how iPods and iTunes work?

They want to take music from an iPod and put it on a laptop.  iTunes is for the reverse.

iPods are basically external drives.  The music is in a hidden folder.  There are lots of ways (and programs) that will copy from an iPod to your computer.  iTunes is not one of them.

If iTunes is the reason iPods suck, then Music Match Jukebox and Windows Media Player must account for the outstanding success of all the other mp3 player?

I don’t use either with mine.  I go to My Computer, open my mp3 player drive, and copy and paste.  That’s how it should work.  iTunes is a horrible program.  It’s the new Real Player.

Oh, so you don’t use it, and apparently don’t know how it works (or what it can do), but you recommended it?  “You pretty much need to download iTunes” is the completely wrong answer to her question, isn’t it? 

The one thing that won’t do what she wants is iTunes.

Ah, so iTunes is the reason iPods are selling so badly, while copy-and-paste is the reason those other mp3 players are selling like hotcakes?

So if you have a 60gig music folder, and you have 1gig mp3 player, how does the copy-paste player deal with your request to have the latest music (or your top-rated, or your favourites) loaded? 

How does your copy-paste player handle subscribing to 30 podcasts?

How does your copy-paste player handle ripping and IDing the tracks on a CD (and adding the album art).  Or do you have to use another program for that?

You meant you’re going to copy music from her ipod to her new computer, that itunes is refuses to sync with, right? Some people might feel sharing your music with friends is wrong, even though windows and itunes both by default setup a sharing folder available to anyone on your network/workgroup.

I’m not telling you to do this, but it seems to me like Apple agrees this is bullshit, so they’ve done as little as possible to prevent you from copying files to your computer. I’ve always just plugged the ipod in, itunes opens with a “you must kill your children and delete the contents of this ipod before you can use it on this computer” notification. I leave that where it is and open windows explorer, unhide the folder that your music is in and copy/paste it somewhere on your hardrive… Tell iTunes to keep your music folder organized and copy files to the itunes library directory in preferences. It’s been as easy as File/Add Folder now. ITunes has always copied the files from the directory into its own, renaming and sorting them by ID3 tag.

Maybe Apple has released an update since.

I have used it before but I don’t use it myself because it’s a horrible program.  I feel sorry for anyone who is sucked onto the iPod bandwagon then has to deal with iTunes.  Big deal, I read the question wrong.  Six hours of sleep in 2 days will do that to you. 

Does that really warrant such snide, stuck up remarks from you, to almost everything I post though?  It doesn’t really bother me but I’m just curious.  It’s not like I can say anything back because you would most likely ban me.  I guess if this makes you happy, keep the status quo.

Rip with media player then copy and paste.  Is that so hard to understand?

Sorry if it sounded stuck up and snide.  It wasn’t meant to be.

But you gave the one answer that was the complete opposite of the right answer.  And then followed it up with commentary.  If you didn’t want a response to the commentary, then just leave it out.

Nothing against you, don’t take it personally.  I don’t ban people for disagreeing with me, and you shouldn’t get upset that people disagree with you.  Especially when you’re wrong.

I admitted to being wrong.  I’m not taking it personally.  As I said, I was just curious.

For you, no.

For the average user, yes.

Remember, you were the guy railing against Linux because it didn’t make sense for the average user.  Now you’re taking the opposite view that the average user should learn to rip songs, copy paste and do things manually?

But really, great that you like doing things manually.  But you’re not most people.  It’s ok.

As for banning, the only person banned here is someone who was pretty shitty to an admin (not me).  We gave him a lot of rope before banning him. 

The other person who was banned for a pretty shitty insult to me is now back, because I’m ok with being insulted.

So go for it.

You think using iTunes is easier than ripping, copying, and pasting, especially for the average or new user?  You’re not serious I hope.

I don’t want to insult anyone.  I was just curious why you seem to respond to almost all of my posts with seemingly snide and stuck up remarks.

You think using iTunes is easier than ripping, copying, and pasting, especially for the average or new user?  You’re not serious I hope.[/quote]

Well, one step versus 3 steps.  It’s a lot easier. 

Drag the CD to the library.  Done.

How do you do it? 

I do it in the way that I can avoid using a horribly bloated program like iTunes.  My mp3 player also has more features than it’s iPod counterpart and can be upgraded without having a buy a brand new mp3 player.