iPod or Digital Camera?

Very true Mig.

If you already have plenty of CF Cards might as well stick with a camera that uses it… saves you cash :stuck_out_tongue:

I am now the proud owner of a bouncing baby Canon SD300 Elph. Photos to come later (it’s charging up right now.)

Now of course, comes the task of buying another battery, at least a 256 if not 512MB memory card, and maybe a customized case that fits better than the mini-disc case I picked up for the meantime.

There are cheap batteries and memory on eBay, but I’m weary of them being crappy brands. Are there any brands I should stay away from, or are they all pretty much created equal?

Dunno what kind of battery it takes, but be sure to check lots of alternate sources for batteries.

I found 3 extra batteries for my Elph (for my Europe trip last summer) on ebay for less than $30 Canadian (for 3!), delivered. From some guy in Hong Kong. These batteries lasted longer than the Canon ones, too. Brand new, still in packaging.

I also bought 6 of the bigger batteries for 300D on ebay, again from an ebayer in Hong Kong, and they worked out to like $15 Canadian each of so. They work great – I took about 1500 shots in Hartley Bay, and didn’t run out of steam.

What brand were the batteries?

Canon is a great brand… Kodak on the other had is SHIT!! Congrat’s on the new cam Smartass…