iPod or Digital Camera?

I have a dilemma: do I want an iPod, or a Canon digital Elph (or similar) camera?

I don’t really NEEEED either of them, but I’ve been in the market for both for a long time. The Canon Elph I have now is the greatest camera I have EVER used, but it takes me months to go through 25 exposures, and by the time I get the pictures developed, I’m in no need of the photos anymore. I often find myself not taking photos because of this, and I miss out on a lot of great shots. I got the camera in highschool, and I think it’s time for an upgrade.

On the other hand, the 6GB mp3 player I have, was great when I bought it because I could fit my entire collection in it, but it’s really too bulky to bring it anywhere conveniently now. I find myself wanting to put it in my pocket to free up my hands, but it’s huge (size of a discman) and won’t fit if I have anything else in there. It’s also pretty sucky on batteries (4 NiMH AA’s last about 2 hours,) and I’ve found that 6GB isn’t enough variety for me lately.

I’d really like to get either the 20GB or 40GB iPod, or Canon PowerShot SD300 Elph 4.0MP, or the Canon PowerShot S500 5.0MP.

Anyone have either of these? How are they? Worth the dough? Help a sista out… I’m pretty clueless about these things.

Wanna borrow my S500 for a little bit to see if you like it? This is the second digital Elph I’ve had, and you can’t beat them for the “always on you” factor. The SD one is a bit smaller, I think.

I gotta have a little camera, but I gave away my iPod ;-( But that’s me, not you. Depends what’s more important to you, photos or music.

If you do go for the Elph, get it at shuttershack, he’ll match or beat any price.

Sure, checking out yours would be sweet. Thanks!

I’m definately going through Shuttershack. No doot aboot it.

Let me know when you want to borrow it, no problem.

So while the Elph is no SLR, it’s great for always being with you. So you can just whip it out and take a shot, no worrying about anything. It does video clips too, which I’ve used a lot more than I thought I would.

If you look here:


Pretty much all those photos (especially the Europe ones), were with my S230 (which took more than 20,000 shots for me, and now has a new owner).

Here’s some samples:



Try this shot with a big bulky SLR:


Won’t work, they’ll kick your ass out. The Elph is nice and clandestine :wink:

Finally, here’s a shot I took with it today:


MiG, there’s a small story about your new camera that Pansy may or may not have told you. In any event I saved her some money.

Tell me!

My dad got the S500 for Christmas too and my mom asked me to do the shopping. I told her that I would probably get it locally, but that I needed to find the best price. Well, I found it for a pretty good price…So I called up Shuttershack and asked them what their price was. In the end I got it for $20 less than their price (which was still $10 more than the cost in Vancouver). But if I included shipping, etc…I would probably have had to pay more from Vancouver (plus my parents live here and this is their first digital camera). So Pansy got the same price that I got my parents, I saved her $20 dollars!

Cool! Thanks!

todays light was so killer, got up early and it just kept getting better…wish ihad brought my camera but i was going gnarcore and didnt feel like getting disappointed by a smashed bit of kit

Perfect reason to have a little pocket camera :wink: And maybe a protective case or something, I guess it could still get smashed. But it’s easy enough to protect.

I always take my little camera hunting and fishing and stuff.

that’s why you need to invite me along. i’m really careful with my camera equipment.

that’s why you need to invite me along. i’m really careful with my camera equipment.[/quote]

hahahaha that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day!

i actually got a wicked case for xmas (thanks sis) but im going pretty quick coming down the mtn and its just one less thing to worry about if i eff up and decide its time to lay it down in a corner or something.

a smaller camera would be nice though…

you down hoshq? ? its a bit of a hike, but i think tomorrow i will be hitting something low down a little later in the day when the light is on it. ill msn ya.

If I didn’t have a digital camera but I had an mp3 player that worked, regardless of size, I’d go for the camera. If you get an iPod you get more music in a more compact case, but you still don’t have a camera for quick pictures on the go. If you bought the camera you’d still have your music, if not as conveniently held, and could still take pictures that are easy to get to once you have access to a computer.

I don’t think I’d have much use for an iPod or a digital camera. So, if I were you, I’d buy a Keyene cold air intake system.

If she should buy a col,d air intake she has to buy the large turbo with a 125 shot of NOS too.

And I’d also need to hire a chauffer to drive for me, or heaven forbid, learn how to drive.

Are you saying i need my licensee ?

After checking in at Shutter Shack today… I have a new model in my sights:

It’s so freakishly small and light… reminds me of a toy. It’s relatively new, 4MP instead of 5, has a smaller memory chip than the 500, has a HUGE LCD screen, and is $50 less than the Powershot 500.

I’m seriously thinking about this one now. It’s cute.

The only reason I wanted the S500 (other than the higher megapixel, which is irrelevant for everything I do), is that it uses CF cards. Otherwise I would have gone for the smaller one too.

I have a bunch of CF cards, and we use them exclusively at work.