iPod Help

My iPod doesn’t keep tracks or playlists I create or delete through iTunes. For example, I can create a few playlists, add some songs and delete some songs through iTunes, and everythign appears fine. However once I unplug the iPod to listen to in the car, or reconnect it the the computer, the new songs are gone and delted playlists reappear and my new playlists are missing… I’ve tried the iPod update utility… Is there a registry repair util or something I should be trying?

I think what I need to do is backup allthe mp3s to DVDs or something, restore the iPod and load them back on, but it seems a little excessive.

firmware update!!!

I reckon firmware upgrades are included in the repair utiliity, as outdated firmware is probably the #1 reason for malfunction.

what he said

Right!.. Thanks for suggesting what has already failed me, Delirious. I backed-up and restored, now all is well.