iPhones and Mobile Internet

Hi, just wondering, does anyone know when Rupert will get mobile internet for cell phones set up. Also, does anyone know if the new iPhones will work in Canadian networks? I know for legal reasons they may not come to Canada, but is there anything different with their technology that might inhibit them from working with the networks in Canada?

Rogers will have the iPhone.  I don’t know why you think legal reasons would keep the iPhone out of Canada.

Dunno about Rogers being in Rupert by that time, or if Citywest will also carry the iPhone or not.

Lots of talk about Rogers, though.  Check it out:  google.com/search?q=rogers+iphone

I was told by several teachers in my marketing sector that the iPhone might never get into Canada due to legal reasons. I took their word for it as they pay close attention to new products coming onto the market.

there is a new provider coming into town this spring early summer I think it is Telus or could be Rodgers, the guys at the source  were excited that they will be able to sell cell phones their soon…

So there will be an alternate Internet provider too…interesting.

that’s pretty awesome, I’m on Rogers down here I think and it’s pretty fast and no problems with it always going down. If Citytel were in a real city they would be hated so quickly with the number of times that they go down or that they have problems. Internet in Rupert is ridiculous.

I have to disagree with you KristiAnne,  I understand the frustration with internet service here in Prince Rupert, That is not a Citywest Problem it’s a Telus Problem, Citwest goes out on Telus Lines. I will stay with Citywest as I’m sure a lot of people here will, Why; two reason No cap lines, and no upload and down load limits on like other service providers.
Now I might change my cell phone provider, as Citywest is 5 years away from everyone else.

Awesome yeah.  My girlfriend has a Fido phone that she uses everywhere (except here).

GSM is great too, 'cause you can use your phone in Europe.

The sad thing is that Citytel was way ahead of other companies for such a long time.  We had ADSL here long before it was generally available in Canada – certainly not in other small markets.  The cell service used to rock too.

But they need data services on the cell network, and to get their act together with the internet – I’ve had the same modem for more than 8 years, and the reliability and capacity was much better 8 years ago than it is now.

Yep, I’ll probably end up staying with CityWest for Internet as I do download large files on a semi-regular basis (I wouldn’t want a cap). 
I don’t own a cel phone, but, am planning to get one this summer.  I’d like to get one that will work here in the city, and across Canada.

Although I personally wouldn’t be in a hurry to jump ship on CityWest for internet, I don’t buy the “It’s Telus not CityWest” argument. While that might be technically correct, it’s still no excuse. I pay for internet. If CityWest can’t provide the service I pay for they need to step up and deal with that. We get little to no communication from them as to problems. Almost without exception I find out the cause of service outages here on HTMF and not directly from the company I pay. They need a HUGE HUGE HUGE improvement in their customer service. When Telus has an issue and it affects us here then CityWest should be the first to the gate with timely information and hell maybe even an apology. By ignoring us customers they are walking a pretty fine line.

Basically I feel like my loyalty to them is not appreciated and not reciprocated. If they don’t fix that then they WILL lose customers when a viable alternative presents itself.

Don’t even get me started on cell service. I’ll be one of the first to jump ship.

I’ll be right with you on that one Mike. 

Telus & Citytel use CDMA phone’s The new Iphone is GSM, unless some GSM provider comes to ruper then your all SOL :smile:

You make a good argument, Mike.
I wasn’t aware that CityWest’s cel service was poor too.  Maybe Telus will be a viable option.

Oh I know, I totally agree about the download limits. I would hate that, however from experience living in Vancouver and knowing that my internet is stable and reliable whenever I need it, and knowing that in Rupert sometimes when I’d have a report or homework due the next day I couldn’t do it just because my internet would go down.

Well considering the speed that is being delivered at some times by citywest, down load limits and cap times might already be in effect, if purely by happenstance…

I agree!

Rogers (and other cell companies in Canada) also cap their “unlimited” data plans, and charge an arm and a leg for overuse.

So if you use an iPhone the way it was meant to be used (streaming video, live google maps, etc), you’ll be getting pretty big data bills on Rogers or Telus.

Read this:

thomaspurves.com/2007/04/09/ … ta-access/

Cost to transfer 500 megs/month of data in Rwanda: $74.00

Cost to transfer 500 megs/month on Rogers or Fido:  $1600.00

I’m not kidding.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Wow!!  That is outrageous, Mig!! :imp: 
This is good to know as I weigh options on getting a cel.

wow, thats all intresting and good to know  :smiley:

and i totally agree with you on this topic, i am a loyal customer to citywest and i know that much isn’t their fault, they try their best and that’s all i ask, even though it does piss me off at times :neutral_face: