iPhone Firmware update causes problems to modified iPhones

Saw this article, it may be of interest.


I don’t understand why apple does not allow third party apps on their iphones/touches?  To me, it makes them less attractive. Btw, this is being posted from a touch :smiley:

They will next month.  They’ve already said they’re going to provide the API to developers.

As for the updates, I’m sure they’ll be cracked soon.  Same thing’s happened with all the updates so far.

My iPhone is on version 1.1.1.  I didn’t update it until there was a crack available for 1.1.1.

this one is version 1.1.2 .  There is a crack available for it but I am not going to try on my own to crack it… For obvious reasons :smiley:

I finally think I have narrowed down my problem for the people that are keeping track lol.I reset everything I my Itouch then downloaded Itunes from a different computer but still on the same wireless then connected to the net with no prob.Went downtown connected to the net at different places no prob.BUT I cant seem to do anything from my computer.But I remember now a few months ago getting the 3-5 meg net and them giving me a new IP address 69.176. … could this have anything to do with it   ???? I am appreciating all the help  Thanks