Iphone 4S for sale!

hey all,
I’m selling my Iphone 4s, with Rogers network. It comes with two charge cords, one apple standard that came with the phone and one store bought that’s about four inches longer. Also includes a white wall cube charger, a few rubber Iphone 4s cases and one Otterbox (pink and white) case. unfortunately the apple headphones i had were puked on last weekend so those are no longer available in the package.
now down to the nitty gritty, just kidding.
the iphone is black, and a standard 16 gigabytes. will come reset to factory everything, just like new yes? its never been jailbroken or hacked. both cameras, along with the mike, work exceptionally well. there is a VERY MINOR hairline crack traveling lengthwise up and down the phone, its not noticable unless you look for it and it does NOT affect the phones work abilities. the only place you might be concerned about the crack down the line is on the bottom nearing the home button, but it hasnt travelled any and no glass shards have come out of it. i also have a plastic screen protector on the phone and that has worked wonders. it will also come with the phone.

now, i know i cant ask very much, but the price of this phone is 400 dollars. becuase of the crack and the fact its second hand, im willing to go down to 350 and no less.
given that the chords themselves on apple are 21 bucks a piece as well as the cube, i think this should be somewhere along the lines of what is hopefully a good deal. facebook me, emily teresa moffatt-bird

honestly could go out and buy one from rogers for that price UNUSED

This ^^

if your not interested dont comment, im just trying to sell my phone. calm your $hit

I don’t know, it just doesn’t make sense that you’re trying to sell a used phone with Cracks in the screen (even if they’re minor they’re still cracks.), for retail price. :smile:

Since the introduction of the iPhone 5 you can get iPhone 4/4S’ for practically free on 1 or 2 year contracts >.< sorry for looking out for people.

least have the decency to go down to less then 150 lol

Welcome to HTMF. Good luck with selling your phone. :smile:

i would gladly reduce the price, im considering taking 275 for it right now, i have bills to pay and cant afford to keep the phone

Is it unlocked? I would offer $150 if it were unlocked.