iPhone 3G

You would have paid an average of about $17 per month, including voicemail and caller ID on the Speakout service.  How much did you pay per month?  And how many minutes did you pay for that you didn’t use?

I would think around 120.00 for 2 phones, as for the minutes they get used. but ya we are switching over its too bad the two phones we got from citywest will be garbage… I love the touch and HTC 6800, if i keep them I can use them as GPS’s lol…

They can just use wifi, right?  Pam’s iPhone doesn’t have a data plan, but works just fine on Speakout, and uses wifi whenever it’s available. 

Looks like even RIM is going to abandon CDMA as well.

ya I can use wifi on the 6800 but the touch nope no wifi. I just found a comparison about the G3 and the prices. and MiG I thought  you were able unlock the G3… I guess you can jailbreak but not unlock yet?

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That’s not really a fair comparison, because you can activate any Rogers or Fido package on the iPhone 3G  (not G3).  So you can get a $17 Fido package, or one of those unlimited local call ones.  There’s no reason to spend $80/month if you don’t want to.  If you do one of the Canada-wide MY5+5 packages, you could have free long distance.  For some people (ie: me) that can offset a large Citywest long distance bill. 

And everything looks expensive when you multiply it by 36.  How much do you pay for cable?  $60?  or $2160?  You pay TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS for cable?  What?  How much is you local phone bill?  $35?  or OVER A THOUSAND DOLLARS?  </dr evil>

Also, it’s 6gigs for the data, not 400MB.  I used mine with tethering and stuff, and a lot of use and I couldn’t get it over 2gigs for the month of August.  I’ll let you know how I do in September :wink:

You don’t need to unlock a Canadian 3G if you’re going to use it in Canada, since you can put in a 7-11 SIM, a Rogers SIM (for PAYG or whatever), etc.  They use the same SIMs.  The only reason you’d need to unlock is if you bought an American or UK one and wanted to use it in Canada.

Cool thanks MiG, I looked on ebay for G3 but wow too much for me, the original Iphone, I can find just over 200.00 but I really like having a GPS in a phone… I think I will wait awhile before making a purchase on the G3

iPhone 3G, not G3.  You can get them for about $400.  If you’re searching for G3, that’s probably why you’re not seeing them.

People are still having problems finding them in Rogers and Fido stores, so the supply and demand rules are hitting the resale value.

lol I had a afternoon nap my eyes are full of crusty’s  thanks MiG, 3G… 3G… 3G, I find if I repeat it back 3 or more times I will not forget as fast…

I think this is the forst time I’m happy to have something in the UK and we aren’t being  ripped off! :smile:

One thing I noticed while in Vancouver last week, my UK 3G iPhone automatically uses Rogers (and charges a small fortune for calls) but I could also use Rogers Wireless hotspots for free! Kinda handy when the hotel wants $15 a day for wireless access!!

Sorry, massive tangent, but I just thought I’d mention it!!