IP addresses

Could some one tell me why one time I have a 192.168 number then I have a 169.254 number???

169 is the windows default for when there is no response from the dhcp server. 

Should I be getting that

IF there is no response from the server YES.

Spoken like the response of a true techie…

reboot your router or modem and ipconfig /release & /renew

Hey Herbie If I had 2 Itouchs bought at the same time but one downloaded music from 1 computer and connected to the net with no probs and the other from another computer and couldnt connect but got those numbers Should I IPconfig then  ???? Thanks for the help

I really don’t know dick about iTouches but you might try a couple things:

1 don’t have other wireless things connected at the same time
2 Ditch any WEP key in the wireless router. That can be nothing but trouble when mulitple computers hook up.
3 If there’s a way to locate and stored connections and delete them, do that and reboot and hope it finds it as “new connection” again.

I’ve seen the same thing happen in laptops, 2 work fine but #3 just won’t connect or stay connected. Home wireless routers are pretty lame.

Home routers suck, expecially if you buy the CHEAPEST FAWKING POS! ie $35 crappy one,

With the ipod touch if you are having problems connecting, i have found that turning the wireless feature off then back on will allow you to connect, works for me every time. Probably going to see a firmware update after january :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m so lucky I’m nearly deaf. No worries about iPods and shit. No keeping up with what’s hot in music.
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I have something better, it’s called selective hearing. I developed it long time ago :stuck_out_tongue:

So what do you recomend to keep the next door leachers of your wireless bandwidth? mac add?

I should start playing my Ipod louder!  :smiley:

It’s ok… she’s used selective hearing for years!  hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

Somehow I don’t think you’ll have a problem with your goal… :smiley:

What are you trying to say?  :stuck_out_tongue: