iOS9 fails on my ipad


Can’t update my iPad to iOS 9, it fails with an error downloading file.
Using iTunes I get no free space to backup on this computer.
Tried 3 different computers then said to hell with it and popped a 1 TB drive into a box I had in the shop, fresh Win7 install, same damned error. Almost 900 GB free space on it.
The solutions at Mac support do not work. Any suggestions?


I have an older Apple TV that no longer receives software updates. Is your unit an older iPad? I recently updated my iPad to IOS 9.0.2; my unit is 2-3 years old I think. This is just speculation on my part.


iOS 9 should work on any iPad except the original iPad 1. If your iPad has a camera, it should work.

I think you might not have enough free space on the iPad to decompress the update. What version of iOS is on there now?

Try freeing up space on the iPad. If that doesn’t work, make a backup of it in iTunes then clear all content and settings and then try it. Last resort would be DFU mode and restore.


Iève got a 64BG iPad and only about 10 is used… and I get the “no free space on computer” error even trying to do just a backup…
the iPad wouldn’t do the 8.4 update either, but I didn’t try it on iTunes as I knew 9 was coming out. All my purchased apps are on iTunes, is there a way to just update from the file it downloaded without doing a backup? It’s already downloaded on 4 different computers and the iPad itself.

I hope my iPhone4S doesn’t go through all this crap when I decide to upgrade it to iOS9.


My uninformed guess is that the iPad thinks it has a lot more data than it does.

Try putting it in DFU mode, and plugging it into iTunes, and install that way.


Drastic, but it worked! Thank a million/
I think I may have done this years ago when I wiped an iPod to give away. Wonder why it didn’t come up in my searches?