Anyone having problems staying connected on the net in the last half hour ???

Yep. Last two days for me. Especially bad today

This is just crazy here


Even while I am connected, getting anything other than local websites  :stuck_out_tongue: is hit-and-miss  :wink:

Oh noes! Troll Alert.

Anyways, yes, the internet has been problematic for me in the past hour. Start after there was a brief surge, not a full out power outage, but enough to drop the lights down low, and knock me offline. After that happened the connectivity went downhill.

Please note, that it wasn’t much of a hill to go down, as I find on the hour every hour I get disconnected from server in WoW, and msn craps out. Only long enough to knock me offline though.

Right now, it seems a smidge better, I am finally able to log back into WoW, and msn works about 50% of the time.

We’re starting 2008 off strong!

Yeah, I had a brief surge as well, and my computers re-booted.  Maybe the power surge was right across PR.

It ain’t just rupert… happening here too.

A friend of my family had a power surge at her family’s home.

apparently the surge protector for her home Computer wasn’t sufficient and blew something.

her computer doesn’t work anymore :smile:

She really fucked up. Bought a surge protector and trusted it…

:angry: I have been having alot of probs staying connected to a site um on my wireless connection is very strong but it stills cuts of on me no matter what site um on.What should i do? I know its not my comp or i would jus throw it out.PLEASE ADVICE ME  :unamused: :angry: :unamused:

it could be your Modem’s DNS resolve crashing.

I had this problem, then Citywest Capped me claiming that the modem they gave me couldn’t hold 5 Megabits.


I’m not getting 2.4 Megabits.

those meanies.