Internet too slow for the gaming community

I have been getting really bad pings ever since that crazy snow. Anyone else still having this problem???

Playing CS:S and DOD:S I’ve been rocking 200ms pings pretty steady for the last few months.

WOW has been playable though.

I’m not a gamer, but, I like to watch Youtube.  The video clips stutter, which is very annoying. :imp:

I was playing dod source lastnight and i first my ping was around 150, and then around 0200 it sudenly dropped to 40. What is up with this? My ping was good and then i paid my internet bill.

My computer sucks since the big snow fall someday i can get on and somedays i cant  why pay for internet if were getting such lousy service. maybe we need to start a petition or something to get them  to have better service

nothing wrong with my conection, stop bitching its all that spyware on your systems… :imp:

I have awsome speeds, no problems with the games that I play  :smiley:

Heh-heh, I don’t get spyware on my systems:-)

Solitaire and online poker don’t count.

Heh-heh :sunglasses:

Yeah, Im not into the lame games like you, see i like action blood and guns, my games consist of counter strike, day of defeat, call of duty and tekken. :imp:…Im not as old as you so games like solitaire and online poker just don’t do it for me…sorry  :unamused:

You are so l33t!

yep pings for most game servers suck last few months for MoH i used to get 100ping to chicago servers now its over 200 and spikes above 300 ms

I am not too old to play them new-fangled games you whipper-snapper.  Now get off of my lawn before I beat you with my cane.    looks for rock salt gun**
Heh-heh. :smiley:

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]