Internet providers

how many internet providers are there in Prince Rupert apart from shitty west

CityWest is the only ISP here in town.

Rogers… technically an ISP but what a ripoff.

I guess you mean with one of those wifi sticks from Rogers.  Not cheap.
I sure would like to see another ISP set up shop here in PR and offer some competition.

Wont happen unless its a WISP (unless im wrong citywest owns all the last mile) which I would consider if the out of town pipe wasnt owned by citywest.  I suppose you could lease a line from them but then it’d still be subject to their screw ups.  Which goes back to point 1… wont happen.

Telus and Bell USB sticks should work just fine in Rupert, and they’re faster in Rupert than Rogers.

Are they as pricey as rogers? I’m debating getting one when I move.

hrm… they’re all conveniently exactly the same price. Awesome… except its a total ripoff. $65.00 for 5GB stupid.

So you pay 65$ per month with a 5 GB cap, then extra if you’re over? That is harsh.

yup 3cents/MB on rogers. didnt bother to check the others but its probably the same.

Is telus and shaw in rupert with internet ?
if there is telus cable then there is internet

Telus doesn’t do cable anywhere

yeah wtf and we dont have shaw either

… and SHAW can do it just a tad faster, nothing to brag about