Internet links not libel … rlink.html

[quote]Hyperlinking to defamatory material on the internet does not constitute publishing the defamatory material itself, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled Wednesday.

The ruling will alleviate fears that holding someone liable for how they use hyperlinks on websites, personal ones or others, could cast a chill on internet use.[/quote]

Good news:)

linking to a statement does not equal making the statement yourself - but you are still responsible for false statements you make on a website or forum… something many people on this site seem to forget.

We do remind people that they are responsible for what they write here on HTMF as stated in our FAQ.

[quote]Why do you allow people to post without using real names? How anonymous am I on hackingthemainframe?

Anonymity is a cornerstone of democracy. We allow people to post anonymously because they choose to do so. Nobody is required to publicly disclose their identity in order to post an opinion. Anonymity goes hand-in-hand with the right to freedom of speech.

If you don’t like the fact that someone disagrees with you and is anonymous, then perhaps what you really object to is the fact that you can’t attack the person and must instead deal with the points he or she raises.

The limit to anonymous speech is when a poster abuses his or her anonymity. Just because you’re not using your real name doesn’t give you a license to be abusive and disrespectful. If you break the law, especially with respect to libel and slander laws, then others may have the legal right to ask that your identity be revealed. A court order can require to provide identifying information (ie: e-mail address, IP address, etc).

Moderators cannot normally see your e-mail address or IP address. You are as anonymous on as you want to be.[/quote]