Internet Explorer Falls Below 70%

Fire Fox is gaining ground on MS. :smiley:

IE falls below 70% of market share.

It’s scary that 70% of people actually still use IE.

Most people buy a computer turn it on and use it.  IE is bundled with Windows for most people that’s fine.  Those switching to Firefox or Opera are either geeks or people who have geeks in their family.

What is strange is that your average joe’s computer has all this junk software that they’ve downloaded from the internet, including all the “YOUR COMPUTER IS INFECTED! CLICK HERE NOW!” and “YOUR CLOCK IS WRONG! CLICK HERE TO FIX IT!” stuff.  Not to mention all the p2p software from 2003.

Yet when you ask them why they still use IE, the response is often “I don’t know how to install software.”

Another class of IE users are the people who have locked down computers at work – they aren’t allowed to install stuff.

I had to put Portable Firefox on an HTMF member’s work computer recently, because her IT guy was so concerned with security he wouldn’t let her install any software.  So no SP3 for her, no patches, nothing.  There’s security for you, force people to use unpatched IE7, then when the computer is pwned, they’ll freak out and insist on more restrictions.

That’s the case where I work but I’m one of the few that insisted on having Firefox loaded.  I think most of my peers are happy( :neutral_face:) with IE because we have to use MS Outlook (Web Access) for our professional email and it seems a little more convenient to use in IE than in Firefox ( I think some functions are not available).

Yes, and the Canadian Government uses IE on most, if not all of their computers as well.  :frowning:

I always liked it really simple.  A Forward Backword button, stop, home and address bar.  Anything else is just annoying.  Even Status bar is stupid now

status bar is cool, prevents me from getting rick rolled most of the time.