Internet Explorer (add-ons) diabled

I am using Internet Explorer on Vista but the Internet Explorer add-ons or disabled .It drives me nuts. Can someone tell me how to enable it  Thank you

uninstall vista install xp thats what i did…

Use Firefox, that’s what I do  :wink:

congratulates herself 'cause she was able to have some input on a “tech” question, no matter how irrelevant!

Ok Ok Ok now we had our fun and dont forget one day we all will be using it,any ideas lol

If you cannot resolve your situation, I would advise backing up your Bookmarks. and taking a look at this guide, whether or not you want to follow the guide is purely your decision.

and also, another forum member suggested Firefox. if you have very important reasons in which they require you to use Internet Explorer, be my guest and keep using it. it is your decision.

but, if you don’t want to keep using Internet Explorer, because of problems like this. I would recommend Firefox with Addons - No Script, and Adblock Plus.