Internet comes to Port Edward

So Citywest is sort of apologizing to Port Ed over any potential slowdowns out of Prince Rupert, but still grabbed a cheque on the way out the door…

(“The only concern we have as a service provider in Prince Rupert and here in Port Edward is the amount of bandwidth we can send out of Prince Rupert,â€

Yeah really. I’m tired of waiting for Rupert’s “bottleneck” to get worked out.


I have to wonder what citywest did with Herb Pond’s “commitment” monies.  The more I read/hear about the bullshit spewed on the table by citywest, the more I look forward to that corporate entity getting the hell out of here.  Shame on citywest for stealing from one to provide to another, SHAME ON THEM.

Agreed.  Our bandwidth sucks.

Rogers will be up and running Summer time, might be nice to switch cell phone company’s.
My internet speed is back to normal I’m downloading 500 KBS.
I like to remind people that citywest does not cap there speed’s or downloads.  :smiley:

Rogers would be nice if only because it has text and data services on its cell stuff.  It’s also GSM, so that we can use phones from the future instead of phones from the past.  Rogers also has decent pay as you go packages, so you’re not stuck in a contract.

Competition will be good.  I canceled my Citywest cellphone last year, because I found that my girlfriend’s rogers/fido phone was more reliable when traveling.  Cheaper too, since she pays for it :wink:

Does Citywest cell service have text and data services now?  Can I send a text message by e-mail to a Citywest cell phone?  Can I take a photo with a Citywest cell phone and have it automatically posted on flickr?  What’s the pay as you go system like?

What would be excellent would be a big package deal.  If I get cable, internet, long distance, local phone and cell service from Citywest, maybe one of those should be free :wink:

does citywest have text and data services now?  no not yet Mig, I think thats why we will go over to rogers…

Rogers is pretty good, and I am trying to see past the reasons why my folks stick to Aliant for the communications and internet. Rogers homephone is completely new to them, haha.

Does Citywest cell service have text and data services now?[/quote]

No to all your questions. When I replaced my phone late in 2006 I asked the service rep and she told me they wouldn’t be doing text services until they could partner up with someone due to the costs involved. So now I have a camera in my phone (even the cheapest models have them now) that when I take a picture I have no way at all of getting it off the phone. Ringtones? Sure my phone does them… oh wait, no way to get them onto the phone.


Not having text messaging here totally sucks.  I don’t know how many times my friends or family from out of town have tried to text me and wondered why I never reply. 

Since we can’t download things directly to our phones from the internet, ebay comes in handy.

What about a phone with blue tooth ? You could transfer your files…  I have the Motorola Razr Phone and it uses bluetooth or usb. Plugged into my mac and its a external usb device.

Rogers In rupert Wicked.

I’m sure bluetooth would work to get stuff off a phone… there was no way I was springing for a high end phone though considering that none of the major features work around here. I also do not have bluetooth on my PC.


Is the bottleneck CityWest’s problem, or is it Telus again?

I went with Telus… having CDMA means me phone is gonna work pretty much anywhere in Canada, and when I go out working for the summer, I can have my number changed to a local one for easy. The prepaid airtime works out of your number’s hometown too, which is nice.

Texting sucks though. It’s expensive and cumbersome.