Internet access on Monday

What do I need to do here ??? any instructions , or not to worry
Please read the message I got on Yahoo :

On July 9, thousands of Canadians run the risk of losing access to the Internet because of a years-old virus created in Estonia.

As the CBC reported, on Monday the FBI will be turning off temporary servers that have been helping affected computers to get rid of the DNSChanger virus and return to accessing the Internet normally. Now, those who haven’t taken action to fix their computers will find themselves unable to visit any websites when those servers are turned off.

What’s happening
In brief, a group of six Estonians created the DNSChanger virus as a way to reroute Internet users’ traffic to sites where the group could profit from ad clicks. The FBI shut them down as part of the two-year Operation Ghost Click

Go here: click “I agree” and see if you’re infected.

Cool, thanks Mig

thankyou… and I am not infected…literally…hahahaha

ohnoez, no wonder when I try to go to it redirects me to crankyoldhoezzz

Hahah, seriously, you’re infected? Awesome! Well, awesome in that I’ve never come across this particular malware before.

Not infected… OSX for the win

My Windows partition is also okay. I did not get a call from my Dad yesterday about this. :smile:

OSX for the win that is funny did OSX have a maleware infection and Apple didn’t do anything about it for 2 months? and didn’t even notify owners they were infected.

After 16 years of repairing PCs for a living, I had a good laff at that comment.
Unlike Microsoft who phones you at home.
I em Microsoft you computer infected. You mist give $99 and credit card number right now or we turn off you compudah

We just got that call last week and I missed it. She told the guy to go ahead and turn off all the PCs in our house (I have one I fire up to do boring, miserable tasks like tax every 4 months or so) and then go fuck himself.

when I click the link - it directs me to a government website with no option to click “i agree”

does that mean i"m infected?

</dumb guy question>

ed: ok nevermind - i found the link - i’m not infected!
yay Apple!