Interesting choice of sport team name

American Basketball Association is creating a team in Quebec. Unfortunately the team’s name has upset many people, understandably so. Check out the teams site at:

Good lord… that’s not real is it?.. lmao

Edit I guess it’s true. Crazy stuff. … ry/Sports/

Nice logo choices…not.  The ABA should have a team in Alabama somewhere called the Niggers and have a guy in blackface bouncing a basketball shaped like a watermelon as the logo.  Jumping Frogs?  Pretty bad.

hey! the HTMF frog on there logo’s mig, sue.


There is a long history of not so polite names for sports teams.  The Washington Redskins and the Cleveland Indians (especially with their mascot) are a couple of examples of this.

Heh-heh, funny stuff. :smiley:

I honestly thought that was jleaman until I looked at the name.

Some frogs are just classic. 

LMFAO!!!Thats really crazy…no wonder why ppl are getting offended.