Install viper remote starter system

Does anyone install these in Town? :imp:
Or do I have to go to Terrace?

i dont think our shops would have a problem with it . just call them and ask get the best price

I did and no one does it so far… :confused:

wow surprising . i’d suggest cdn tire then

that’s the stupidest thing i have heard in my life time!

:frowning: got some quotes between 555-600 PLUS TAX.
Maybe I will list it on garagesale don’t want to go to terrace for 5 hours.

Sell it then go to teddys to get one and & installed from them!

well ladida you had a bad experience at cdn tire so you think everyone else should avoid it   :neutral_face:

550-600 sounds like you have a standard vehicle i bought one of these as well for my standard vehicle when i found out the cost of instalation i returned it

Canadian tired doesn’t even sell the Viper alarm, so why would you take a alarm that needs a special tool to program and get working to a place that would not have the tools, ? Make sense ?

I have one in my car and love it, the have the best range for remotes and work very nice. i have the new 5901.

well i apologize that i dont know cdn tires full catolgue of products they sell and what products need a special tool.i know they install remote starters so i thought i was helping him out :stuck_out_tongue:

Would you buy a 99$ remote start for your car ? Fucked if i would.! Would you get a mechanic that gets 10$ a hour to do it, ? HELL NOO you know why, because the toll that puts it in if he fuck’s it up he doesn’t give a shit, he goes home at end of day and doesn’t care.

Take it to a shop pay the money and get it done properly, or don’t do it :stuck_out_tongue:

looks like you have a sour opinion of cdn tire any thats your choice i got paid more than $10 as a lube/tire guy when i worked . mechanics when i worked at cdn tire got comission so im sure they would want trepeat business from doing their job properly. they went to school just the same as others but hey your opinion  :smiley:

Could you elaborate? Which, I assume proprietary, special tool is required to program a Viper alarm system?

Assuming it’s a late-model car with a factory-installed immobilizer, there might be a Viper specific tool (something for writing to a ROM module) to get reconcile it to the existing anti-theft system.

Are you referring to a transponder bypass kit? These devices are available at many locations, including Canadian Tire. They are vehicle specific not aftermarket alarm specific. Canadian Tire sells the XPresskit brand.

Its the bit writer for the actual unit it self, you can’t just install it and have it work, you need to run on and off options, its not a system you can buy wire up and off u go.


You can with a 5900. … stallation

You will just be limited to the defaults on some options. The 5500 is likely the same. You can go to the following link for the User Manuals of the alarms which will describe which options can be changed by (only) from manufacturer authorized installers.

The unfortunate part is that the warranty is void if the alarm is not installed by an “Authorized” installer. The amusing part is doesn’t seem to list authorized dealers and installers. I am still not convinced though that changing the install options is done by some proprietary device and not by other non published means. eg. using valet switch.   

Go install one, then let us know how it goes then.!