Inlander owner given until May 15 to demolish building

The owner of the Inlander Hotel, which was burned beyond repair in a March 4 fire, has been granted an extension to demolish the building that remains standing on 2nd Avenue West.

In a letter to council dated April 20 and received at the April 27 council meeting Ivan Rudman said that he had hired Napp Enterprises of Prince George to look after the removal of asbestos and the demolition of the building, and that they expected to complete the job by May 15. … 98467.html

Okay just a thought to throw out there. The building is burnt beyond repair to at least 90% of the structure, and now he worries about the asbestos … uh hello … there is only 10 % left what about the other 90% that is floating around long gone now though??

Once asbestos is discovered on site - most often in the pipes and insulation, you are required to remove it properly as a hazardous material.  Hence, the need to bring someone in who can properly remove the asbestos.  Good news is that the site will finally be cleaned up.

Fire will not destroy microscopic asbestos particles