Inlander Advice!

Hi all,

I’m new to HTMF, and fairly new to town. I write short fiction as a hobby, and regularly do so from unusual locations for the sake of fresh inspiration. Lately I’ve been trying my hand with horror, and looking to the Inlander for a quick writing stint – likely a single all-nighter with a pot of coffee.

My friends are telling me not to do it. I say harumph; I won’t bring any valuables (aside from a beat up laptop), and a sleeping bag if I get drowsy.

What risks do I really face?


bring a fire extinguisher

Welcome aboard the htmf conflab centre…

Sounds like an interesting idea, though i suspect I might want to listen to my friends.

I don’t know much about the place first hand, though I frequently see members of the constabulary making frequent appearances there.

Certainly should provide you with some interesting atmosphere for your work, though somehow I think that you won’t get drowsy and if you did I’d probably double up on the coffee…

hep-c…bedbugs the size as ants, lice, rats the size of cats… but realy its a nice place to stay I now the owner…lol… :smiley:

Do you own a gun?  If not, borrow one.

Just kidding, I’m sure it’s not all THAT bad.  But, if you hear someone say anything about “fresh fish” get the hell out.

I’ll make sure to delouse myself afterwards. And thanks for the welcome! I’ll let you know how this goes…

The place is falling apart–and the local Fire Department is sure it’ll go up in flames one day. So yea—a fire extinguisher would be an ally.

A one nighter shouldn’t be too bad though–you’ll just have to destroy all your clothing in acid the next day.

Just remember … our fire department hasn’t lost a single basement yet!  :smiley: