Injured wild cats

I was just wondering if there was an after hours number I an call to tell someone about an injured cat on the hospital crounds. It keeps trying to climb up the rockface behind the ambulance station, but isn’t strong enough to make it. I think it got hit by something… Anyways, I went and tried to tell hospital reception about it, and she told me that she “didn’t care.”. Anyways, so yeah… Any suggestions on who I should be trying to call?

I would definitely try the vets office and the SPCA as they both have emergency numbers but I would really try and contact Nancy and Gunther at the wildlife shelter. 624 4143. They have a vehicle and kennels etc. in the event you are unable to grab the kitty. Leave a message as they are very busy but don’t wait too long, if the cat crawls somewhere and is hurt, there won’t be anything anyone can do. Very nice of you to take the time and horrible attitude of the receptionist at the hospital. Keep us posted! SPCA 624 2859 and Vets 627 1161

Make a formal complaint to the hospital administration, having a receptionist that “doesn’t care” gives the rest of the organization a bad impression.

Why would anyone get a bad impression because the receptionist didn’t share the same concern for a sick cat?
Telling the receptionist about a sick cat doesn’t obligate her to share the concern unless a sick human was attached to it.
Was the receptionst expected to sign the cat into the emergency department?

Take the cat in, I’m sure the vet will put it down for free if not then do it a favour and get it put down.

I just saw this … missing a black and white cat … do you know what happened to this poor little guy?