Indoor / outdoor cats

Time to keep your cats indoors I think

I think it’s cruel to keep cats indoors. They’re hunters. What are they going to hunt indoors, Dust bunnies?


I think it’s cruel to keep cats indoors. They’re hunters. What are they going to hunt indoors, Dust bunnies?[/quote]

“Bubba”, you brat, you opened that can of worms again! Seriously though, there are so many cats missing, was just looking at a few sites from Terrace. It is heartbeak that an owner would not have to endure if they did keep them indoors or at the vey least, if possible, build an outdoor enclosure. I have 2 of the healthiest, amusing, fun and loveable indoor cats that you would ever meet and nope, no obesity issues either! This time of year is bad also, Halloween is notorious for cats going missing so please keep them indoors. There are so many abandoned cats wandering our neighborhood here also, so sad and so unnecessary. Kids have been throwing stones and scaring them for the past week.

I have seen so many more cats lately out the highway. Pretty sad if you ask me. Have also seen 3 wolves in town the past week.

Would you keep your dog indoors? And not give them any exercise or anything? … -the-time/

outdoor cats result in cheap chinese food. I support this.

Ah, Bubba Really ?? For starters, I wouldn’t leave my dog in the house for obvious reasons nor would I open the door and let him out unattended. That is a silly argument ! I have pet sit a great deal over the summer and most of my clients keep their cats in the house. In fact, I don’t like to sit for the one or two that may not as I would be petrified something would happen to it on my watch. A single cat in a home though without any company or any stimulation all day is not fair. I have clients with single cats, their homes are filled with cat condos and trees and toys and spaces to play. They are safe and loved. I have 2 and they keep each other company, they also have toys galore and naturally do their own thing anyway. They are also safe and loved and when you hear of the ones outside in the rain, unfed, unwanted, scared and hungry, how can you feel otherwise? They deserve better and it seems around here, that doesn’t happen as often as it should. And for those that say they let their cats out because they hate to clean a litter box, please, life is tough huh? They even made self-cleaning litter boxes, just for you !

Where on the highway? And what colour of cats? I trapped one last year. It took awhile but it’s probably one of the best things I’ve done in my life, rescuing that poor thing. Winter is coming and I don’t mind putting out another trap.

If you have a horse, you have a place on your property to stable it, if you have chickens, you have a coop on your property to house them, if you have a snake you keep it in a tank in your house, if you have a dog you keep it in you house or have it on a run in your yard and you take it for walks on a leash, but if you have a cat you let it run free and shit in your neighbors garden and piss on his winter tires so when he takes them from under his deck where he store them all summer long he gets the rotten sent of your cat piss all over his hands. Enough said? KEEP YOUR CATS FROM ROAMING ALL OVER YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD…

I completely agree with you MadMax… I’m so sick of having to clean the shit up from around the outside of my house. I hate cats, I’m severely allergic, so why should I have to put up with that. Do all you ignorant cat owners think everyone else should be responsible for cleaning up after you cats???

they should be banned sick of them scratching up my car by jumping up on the hood or pissing all around the house

I have no sympathy for lost cats when their owners let them run free.

Smelling cat pee after turning on the AC unit… not cool.

And you know what’s worst than outdoor cat owners? Crazy cat ladies.

I totally agree with your previous post “MadMax” regarding keeping your cats in the house but try and convince the minority who choose to let them roam as they feel it cruel to leave them in the house, that is another matter. I have 2 beautiful totally indoor cats, who made the transition from outdoor cats when they were owned by other people and love being inside. Toys, warmth, food and safety not to mention spoiled ! I disagree with your comment about having no sympathy for lost cats as it is not their fault. I am sure on these now cold nights they would love to be indoors but they don’t have any choice. The owners of these pets, I haven’t much use or respect for.

A totally outside cat, i don’t understand, but Mine are both, we have plenty of yard where I am. Both in Rupert, and where I live now. The cats come in when they want and go out when they want. I don’t really want cat junk all over my house. You’d need it to give them enough stimulation for keeping them indoors all of the time.

Enoughs enough… Cat piss on my dry fire wood. I am going to borrow a friends humain cat trap. Where do I bring these pests once trapped? Port Ed, out the highway SPCA? What would Bubbles do?