Indictments on the way for Palin?

Her abrupt resignation with over a year left on her term certainly raises alarm and finishes her political career. This may be the reason. … on-the-Way

Oh, I’m so going to be doing a happy dance around the house if this turns out to be true-not only was she irritating, the whole “quitting because I’m feeling blocked as the govenor” was pretty pathetic.


She also mentioned in her speech that 17 other indictments had been removed. Why would she even mention the other indictments unless she was trying to deflect attention from the embezzlement scandal.

She also alluded to her family feeling ‘picked on’ by certain media members.  When you go into politics, you have to have a thick skin - not just you, either - your whole family. 

I do have to admit that when I first heard she was quitting but it wasn’t clear WHY, I got an evil grin when I said “Maybe the next daughter is pregnant…”  which then I quickly turned into “by the same dude that knocked up her sister!”  :imp:

If she can see Russia … She couldn’t see this coming ??? :imp: :imp: