Independent Candidates

In a couple of other threads we have been complaining about the two major parties, a former MLA and a future MLA. Here three independent candidates - all of whom have a good chance of being re-elected as independents - have suggested proposals to improve the way we are governed. One other independent, Moe Gill, who was promised and then denied an opportunity to run as a Liberal, has a decent shot at being elected in Abbottsford.

Three independents working together as they appear to be doing bodes well. If one or two others get elected then there is a core group that would make it easier for other dissatisfied members of both major parties to quit their party and not feel that they are alone or marginalized. It might give individual caucus members more chance to fight for what they and their constituents feel is right rather than just what the party brass is saying. It certainly should give the party leaders something to think about. … s_promote/

If Independent and/or Conservative candidates split the center/right vote that will help the NDP. Interesting times ahead.

In Cariboo North, Bob Simpson’s riding, it will be the centre-left vote that will be split.

After Simpson was expelled from the NDP caucus by Carol James the constituency association took the position with the party’s central command that he hadn’t been expelled from the party and they could not prevent the association from working with him as their MLA. So for a while he was effectively an independent New Democrat.

The NDP has nominated a candidate who acknowledges that Simpson is a strong competitor. A blogger out there suggests that the Liberal candidate may end up coming up through the middle. … north.html

The blogger quotes Dix as saying that the NDP has never won an election without at least one seat from the Cariboo, so that will be an interesting contest to watch for various reasons.

I hope the independents are re-elected. They bring much needed alternative voices to a legislature dominated by parties that quite a few of us have little faith in and support only grudgingly because the other guys may be even worse.

[quote=“BTravenn”]In Cariboo North, Bob Simpson’s riding, it will be the centre-left vote that will be split.

Yes. In my opinion the NDP made a mistake by expelling Simpson for his views about James. This is coming back to haunt the NDP now. Having said that I do feel that there is enough general voter dissatisfaction in BC to enable Dix to form the government in May. I could be dead wrong. Interesting times ahead. :smile: