In need of an extremely cheap vehicle

I am currently attending school and i am in a metal shop class. I am looking for the following.

A car that at least rolls so i can roll it to my school.
A car with a working engine
A vehicle that can be sold very cheap (for the price that the auto wreckers would buy it)
one that you would love to see on the road again
maybe you dislike the car soo much or its sitting there with no use to you and you may want to pass it on i would also accept that too  :smiley:

its mostly to learn on rather then destroying, say… my parents car  :stuck_out_tongue:

Bummer - I had the perfect car for that purpose 2 years ago before we moved here. 

1989 Ford Escort LX (hah, as if there was every really a luxury edition of that car)

Things wrong with it:
-  windshield wipers worked, but the sprayer for the washer fluid did not - and I couldn’t find a replacement because it was so old - so I had a spray bottle in the car if needed (I usually sprayed it on the windshield while driving - quite the sight I’m sure)
-  both of the back doors didn’t open because I had to keep stealing the door handle mechanisms from them to replace the one in the drivers’ side door every time it broke
-  passenger side door only opened from the outside
-  the drivers seat was broken so that when you sat in it, you leaned back and to the right… nothing like looking like a (pathetic) gangsta in a POS car
-  antifreeze leaked into the oil so that whenever you checked the oil, it was milky
-  the oil (and every other liquid that was in the engine) leaked onto the ground, requiring a liter of oil to be added every time the gas tank was filled (roughly every 2 weeks - thank God for Costco and the cheap ‘bulk’ oil)
-  top speed was MAYBE 100kph, if I was lucky
-  when the engine block cracked I did a happy dance because that was not worth fixing

Anyways, I suppose that’s enough of me rambling on about a car you can’t get - lol.

Good luck finding something!

whats your price range. I know of a car that is 1000 dollars. The only thing wrong with it is a CV joint needs to be replaced soon.

Its a school project thing. 1000 dollars is a bit much for a good grade  :smiley:
i was thinking more aline what the scrap yard would pay. but thank you for the heads up if you find anything else out it would be greatly appreciated. I heard about going to the back lots of car dealerships and talking to them because they usually ship off excess cars to the scrap yard but i would rather wait for some more information raher then just walking up and asking for a car  :unamused:

I am willing to Pay for towing. it would be nice if the engine ran and the car moved etc. but like minor physical problems dirty interiors, little practice things. im not a mechanic or anything but would like to get there someday.
also willing to Pay what the price the scrap yard would pay for it.
Trucks work too, if theres a house with a car with a flat tire or with leaves dust etc. that you know of that looks like its obviously in no use and more of a trouble then a luxury be sure to let me know.

Also if anyone knows it a car dealership would spare a “trade in car” that is rusty and will not sell. please let me know of the info i will also be posting this last part on the Q/A section of HTMF

There might still be a white Datsun Z car in the alley on Immanuel and 7th East. My father bought it several years ago. He and his wife moved to Vancouver Island and he passed away a while later, leaving that car parked in Rupert. That said, it might still be there, uninsured and not belonging to anyone. I think it was a 1976 or so 260Z, unsure. Drive by and see if it is still there. If it is, PM me and I’ll tell you what I know about it.

sounds good i really like the datsun Z cars. but the question is i cant claim it with out them signing it over which is kind of hard for obvious reasons. but if it is signed over to you i would gladly check it out thanks for the update if you give me more information i will gladly check it out. What about keys etc…?

Old red Ford courier compact pickup 1600 block atlin,on water side,  needs a brake line,other than that it’s supposed to be good Free knock on their door

It wasn’t signed over to me, thought maybe there would be a finders keepers thing for stuff that has been abandoned. If it is there, I could try to find out that info for you.

i don’t know about finders keepers. i wouldn’t know who to ask in this situation i think its time to refer to the questions and answers page  :smiley:

Orange, how long has the car been there for? (or how long do you think it has been sitting there)

If anyone knows of a jetta (82-90) that is really cheap or sitting in one place and rotting… let me know i have one that i want to work on and spare parts are useful but any other car would be amazing, looking forward to finding the alleged 260Z it sounds too good to be true. I will probably venture there tommorow and look for it. Orangetang do you live closer to that area? because i live in the lax kxeen area and has a full schedual, i dont want to ask of too much but if you live near it would you be able to take a looksee sometime :smile:

Orangetang lives in Alberta. 

don’t i feel slightly stupid :unamused:

Heh, do the footwork.  Shit I remember spending weeks walking around Rupert knocking on doors asking about wrecks in the backyard until I found something. 

what did you get for all of that work :stuck_out_tongue:

A 2.9L 1986 gray Ford Ranger with an extra long box and a pink pin stripe.  It had a lifter tick but it never died. 

yeah i was planning on walking around about junk cars in the back yards of houses but i dot know if i could have the guts to walk up to someones house and ask them for a car :stuck_out_tongue: and ask to get the names changed etc. thats why i did it on here :stuck_out_tongue:

I seen one on KAy Smith with no Grill

Hey, i went and looked at the standard Ford courier, looks like it could be fun but how do you know that its a good free knock on the door im tempted to do it on a nice day.
Just want to get facts straight before i knock and be like hey, that truck you have there i posted something on htmf and so on and so fourth and they say wth? thats my truck you cant have that :stuck_out_tongue: